Burien resident Kent Horton has a long history with Camp Waskowitz, the Highline School District’s outdoor education center located in North Bend.
As a sixth grader in the Highline School District, Horton attended Camp Waskowitz and had such a good time that he returned as a leader when he was in high school. Camp Waskowitz provided Horton with his first job as a camp counselor and later, as a sixth-grade teacher, he brought his students there. Eventually he served as an interim director at Waskowitz.
Oh yes – and he met his wife and married her there.
Now a semi-retired teacher-librarian, Horton serves as Waskowitz Foundation president, and is vigorously promoting the Waskowitz Big Tree Contest taking place this summer.waskowitz-tree-logo450
The contest, co-sponsored by the Waskowitz Foundation and the Highline Historical Society, is designed to draw attention to the significant tree canopy that has sprung up throughout the Highline area from fir seedlings brought home and planted by 6th graders who attended Camp Waskowitz in the 1960s through the 1980s.
The contest also hopes to collect the stories of what Camp was like for youngsters in that era – these memories will be archived by the Highline Historical Society.
If you are interested in learning more about the Waskowitz Big Tree Contest, or would like to download an entry form, visit]]>

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  1. Not sure if any of the trees around our place are Waskowitz trees, but we live in Harry Lemon’s house…

  2. A buddy of mine just had two Waskowitz trees cut down last spring for firewood.
    27″ diameter at 6′ off the ground.

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