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In 1972, the people of Washington put forth an initiative proposal to regulate the financing of political activity in this state. Initiative 276 was approved by 72 percent of voters. I was a part of that initiative effort while at University. Then in 1992, over 72 percent of voters enacted contribution limits with the approval of Initiative 134.

Then along comes an anonymous mailer in the Burien City Council election. We should all be offended that local politics has sunk so low.

Even if the anonymous mailer is not unlawful, as an undisclosed independent expenditure, it is disingenuous, dishonest and disrespectful of the people’s choice for open elections.

I call on every Burien voter to reject secretive political financing and reject any candidate who would support such an effort. Our elections are open and transparent by choice. Those who would practice or benefit from dishonest, secretive politics do not deserve our vote.

– Stephen Lamphear
Shorewood, Burien

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