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Almost four decades ago Seahurst Park, located on Puget Sound and now in the city of Burien, was established for the enjoyment and recreational use of residents of Seattle and the surrounding area. The park is forested except for the area close to the waterfront and contains miles of trails.
The viability of this beautiful park is now at peril because Westmark Development was recently issued a permit to construct a 179-unit housing development set at the top of the bluff above this park. This project will clearcut 9.6 acres of the forested land of the ravine located above Seahurst Park and leave only 8 trees standing. The deforestation of these cliffs and ravines will have a devastating impact on the water quality of Seahurst Park as well as this part of Puget Sound.
This project was set in motion more than 15 years ago, before building permits were required to undergo the careful environmental impact reviews that we have now.
Building on the ravine will result in severe erosion – washing pollutants and sediment down the steep hillsides and clogging the park’s streams. Plant and animal habitat will be severely damaged. The creeks and streams will not stay viable and the watershed will be destroyed; park fish and wildlife will die. The loss of soil, the watershed, and wildlife will render Seahurst Park a shell of what it is now.
No one is worried about the buildings not being engineered securely enough to keep them from sliding down the steep ravine. Westmark has elaborate plans to protect their investment.
What we will lose forever is one of the last remaining forested stands of public land for 30 miles on the waterfront of this area of Puget Sound.
At 9:30 on Monday morning is the final public hearing on this project. It is located at the Highline School District Offices, at 15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW. I urge every citizen who loves this park, young and old, to attend and show support for the preservation of Seahurst Park.
– Mary C. DeVany, MS, CSP, CHMM
Environmental Health Scientist
13229 12th Ave SW, #223
Burien, WA 98146

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4 replies on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'Construction Destruction of Seahurst Park'”

  1. Im 38 years old and I have gone to that beach for all my life and when I was in High School I attended the Marine Tech. class that is located down at the end of it. My kids have fun down there and all my friend’s kids have fun down there. There has been kids birthday parties and even some weddings down there. This beach is very popular and very loved and I believe that hurting it would be a huge mistake. Not to mention I know for sure that there used to be a few sets of Bald Eagles living in the wooded area because I used to watch them every day at lunch time when I was attending the Marine Tech. class. Im pretty sure that some of them are still there. If you take away the trees you’ll be taking away their home and they’ll have to find somewhere else to go. Im not sure and I could be wrong but I dont think that it’s legal to mess with or disturb Bald Eagles. That beach holds alot and has alot to offer people and that’s why it’s so busy all the time. Changing it and or taking it away would be a huge mistake and you wont be able to undo it once it’s done.

  2. The City of Burien tried to stop the construction of this project and ultimately was sued by Westmark. The city lost and had to pay a huge amount.
    At this point, what can be done to stop the project?

  3. Neighbors of Seahurst Park Legal team did an awesome job today! Our Geo Tech and Wetlands Experts pointed out -SPECIFICALLY- where the EIS was lacking and where some points -SPECIFICALLY- were totally ignored. Tomorrow is Westmark’s and the COB’s turn with their Experts (the same folks that wrote the EIS). Come and see our legal team lead by David Bricklin CROSS EXAMINE THEM. 9:30am @ ERAC Center the hearing is continued…
    We know the Citizens of Burien are suffering from “Westmark Fatigue” due to the large sum paid by your City insurance dollars (and a consortium of WA cities, so lots of EVERYONES tax dollars) for delaying this project. Ironically the City has hired Kenyon/Dyson to argue in this matter the exact opposite position they held when they were Burien’s council in Westmark II. COB legal and Scott Greenburg (no longer a COB employee) is in the room and just sitting there.
    SAVE It Don’t PAVE it!!

  4. Perhaps public shaming of the individuals that eventually move in? I would love to stop this project. I don’t know how successful these new legal moves will be though.

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