EDITOR’S NOTESince our creation in 2007, The B-Town Blog allows residents running for local office one free post for when they announce their candidacy:

On Thursday, Mar. 23, 2023, Linda Akey announced her candidacy for Burien City Council Position 2.

This position is currently held by Cydney Moore, who is running for re-election.

Akey is a mom to CJ, a proud first-time Grandmother to baby Ru, a small business owner, and a community leader. She shares her downtown Burien home with the love of her life, her devoted husband Mike.  

“I’m running for Burien City Council for a straightforward reason. Burien is a beautiful place to live, and I believe that our leadership has done the best they can – but I believe we can do better,” Akey said.

Akey comes from a working-class professional family and was raised in a culture of volunteerism and giving back. Her mother was a special education teacher and father a research scientist for the USDA. She began giving back through volunteer work at a young age and believes in the value of collaboration. She has worked tirelessly for nonprofits, served on boards of directors, and assisted hundreds of nonprofits in realizing their potential over the last two decades. Akey now serves the Burien community as the Chairperson for the Business and Economic Development Partnership (BEDP). 

“Burien faces challenges around homelessness and public safety, among other things,” Akey added. “We all want safe, livable neighborhoods, and right now, many people do not feel safe – it’s time for a change. If elected, I promise to bring a strong voice and fresh ideas to solving problems collaboratively and working to tackle the challenges we face as a community. As a small business owner and consultant, I am a change leader, which means I help nonprofit businesses deliver on their promises, and that is what I will do as a Councilmember of the Burien City Council.” 

To learn more about Linda Akey, visit www.lindaakeyforburien.com.

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