The third round of results for Tuesday’s (Nov. 7, 2023) General Election have been released, and we can say with confidence that your elected 2023 Burien City Councilmembers will be Linda Akey, Kevin Schilling and Alex Andrade.

The closest race is between Andrade and former councilmember Krystal Marx, with Andrade ahead by 1,177 votes (or 13.61%) – an increase of over 30% from her original 884 vote lead.

  • Akey now leads C. Moore by 1,712 votes (or 19.99%), up from 1,262 on Wednesday.
  • Schilling now leads Patricia Hudson by 1,817 votes (or 20.97%), up from 1,275 on Wednesday.

In the King County Council District No. 8 race, Teresa Mosqueda extended her lead over Burien Mayor Sofia Aragon from 1,062 votes to 2,395 votes – an increase of 125%.

Votes will be certified by King County Elections on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023.

City of Burien

Ballots Counted: 8,849

Registered Voters: 29,469 • 30.03 %

Council Position No. 2:

  • Linda Akey: 5,117 • 59.74%
  • *Cydney Moore: 3,405 • 39.75%

Council Position No. 4:

  • *Kevin J. Schilling: 5,224 • 60.29%
  • Patricia Hudson: 3,407 • 39.32%

Council Position No. 6:

  • Krystal Marx: 3,719 • 43.00%
  • Alex Andrade: 4,896 • 56.61%

Comments from the candidates:

We reached out to Akey, Schilling and Andrade for comment on their victories, and here are the responses we received:

Kevin Schilling:

“Thank you to my hometown for returning me to city council with over 60% of the vote. I’m eager to start council meetings in the new year with a fresh council excited to work together to find effective solutions for our big problems.  I’m excited that voters want civility and collaboration on council.  And this new council will work together in that fashion to respond to public safety concerns, get folks off the streets and into shelter and services, make Burien the best place to grow a business and start a family, invest in our city’s infrastructure needs, and build more housing at all levels.  I’m excited to have Linda and Alex join the council.  They will bring a great amount of community understanding, and work hard to bring positive and effective solutions to our challenges.  Together, we are going to continue to build a better Burien.” 

Linda Akey:

“I am honored to have the trust and support of the voters, and I am committed to working hard to make Burien a safe and livable community for all. This is a win for Burien!”

(Andrade did not respond.)

King County Council District No. 8

Ballots Counted: 50,104

Registered Voters: 158,506 • 31.61 %

Council District No. 8:

  • Teresa Mosqueda: 24,759 • 52.36%
  • Sofia Aragon: 22,364 • 47.29%

*denotes incumbent

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  1. Congratulations, friends! We welcome
    your open minds and your commitment to Burien residents and small businesses. Hopefully, we will have a functioning council.

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