South King Media Sales Rep Dona Ozier would like to thank all those who donated to her pet dog ‘Jack,’ a 10 year-old Terrier Mix who has lymphoma and requires chemotherapy.

According to the dog’s veterinarian, the chemo treatment has a good chance of providing long-term survival. Without treatment, Jack does not have a good chance of one-year survival.

As we previously reported, Dona says:

“My dog Jack means everything to me and is my first dog, he is all mine. I don’t have children. When people pull out pictures of their kids, I pull up photos of Jack and say here’s my boy. He is happy, energetic, kind, and sensitive. When I heard he had cancer, I was devastated. There was no question that I would start treatments and do whatever I could do for him. When I was working and Jack came in with me, the whole office lit up. Again, it is a miracle and a dream come true for any donations.”

Over $2,000 was raised to help fund Jack’s chemo treatment by these generous donors:

    • Terry and Marsha Mason

MBF General Fund

    • Roberta Blackwell
    • Lin Hainlen
    • Mary Wolf
    • Anonymous
    • Kim Settlemyre
    • Stephen Evans
    • Pets Are Kids Too
    • Anonymous
    • Sheri Brim
    • Carol Bowyer
    • Eric Mathison
    • Lynsey White
    • Nicki Miller
    • Kellie Read
    • Virginia Schaefer
    • Anonymous
    • Karen Rapallo

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