Rebecca Everly is missing her beloved cat:


Beloved Cat Lost since Thursday night, Feb. 20, 2020.

My cat Shody (Sho-dy, not shoddy) has been missing from my yard since Feb 20. We’re at the Intersection of 25th Ave SW and SW 109th St in White Center. She’s never wandered far from home before and would come back if she could. I fear she is trapped in a garage, shed, basement…

REWARD for her return! I am desperate to have her home. Please keep an eye out and check any places she might have got trapped.

She’s very small, 8 pounds, black with little white hairs scattered all over. She’s got a cataract in her left eye and an old Humane Society tattoo in her right ear. Her meow can be very loud; like she’s angry yelling. She won’t wear a collar, but does have a microchip, which is at the top of her right shoulder blade. She is cared for by Dr. Whitty at Burien Vet.

She’s very friendly to people and usually will come when I call her. I don’t know if she would approach people she doesn’t know.

I can be reached at 206-293-1285 or or my Public Facebook post:

“Thank you!”

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