UPDATE: Lucy, the 15+ year old Chihuahua, was returned to her owners late Sunday night!

“We really appreciated you posting it – thank you so much,” they said.


A 15+ year old chihuahua named Lucy has been missing since Thursday, June 24, 2021, and her owner is hoping that someone may know the people that took her and can have them contact her at 206 715-3037.

“Thank you!”

Three people reached out to me on Nextdoor and let me know that they believed they saw Lucy at 9th Ave. SW and SW Henderson on June 24. They said she’d been blocking traffic by being in the road and they’d worked together to catch her. While doing so, a woman claiming to be her owner took her from them and immediately got into a car and left. They described her as in her early 40s,, African American with blue braids, about 5’6, with either a missing or chipped front tooth. The car she got in was a silver Honda Accord they think from the 2000s, maybe 2008/2009. We asked if they were sure it was Lucy and they’d said that based on the pictures, time of day when she went missing and where she was found, they were sure. We know so many chihuahuas look the same and are hoping this is a case of a family also looking for their pup who simply picked up the wrong gal. Any information at all please call 206 715-3037. We’re offering a $200 reward for her safe return absolutely no questions asked.

Lucy belonged to my sister who was handicapped and home bound she passed away in 2019 and before she passed I told her I would take care of Lucy for her and that when Lucy passes I will have her ashes buried with her. Lucy was my sisters constant companion for 12+ years. So Lucy is not only a pet she is a promise I made to my dear sister. Please if you think you’ve seen her contact me: anwalicki@gmail.com or at 206 715-3037.

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