BTB Reader Tammie Elliott wants everyone to be on the lookout for ‘Nola,’ a rare Polydactyl cat with 5 toes on all 4 feet with unique tiger striped fur, who escaped out a door Friday (May 30) around 4 p.m. from the area of 10th Ave SW and SW 137th Street by Chelsea Park: Nola “She has never been outside the house, and is very skittish,” Tammie said. “She is loveable but her extra claws make her hard to grab.” She is microchipped with AVID. Please keep an eye out for her. If you see ‘Nola’ the 5-toed cat, please call 206-280-3347, or email]]>

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4 replies on “MISSING: 'Nola,' a rare 5-toed cat, last seen near Chelsea Park”

  1. The extra digits are not rare, it’s quite common. It’s called polydactyl and the cats color is brown tabby.

    1. Ok we stand corrected.
      Just speaking from personal experience, I’ve never met (or been scratched by) a 5-toed Polydactyl cat (sounds like a dinosaur!), and I’ve owned at least 6 and have known/met dozens.

      1. No, no, no Scott. You’ve been owned, bossed around and made to feel inadequate by six cats!

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