By Jack Mayne

The King County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Salvador Diaz-Garcia, 23, with indecent liberties in the molestation of 14-year-old Burien girl on June 25 at a Burien apartment complex.

Diaz-Garcia has also been charged with assault for a separate incident that occurred at the same complex on same day. Both victims look similar and both victims did not know Diaz-Garcia.

Diaz-Garcia remains in King County Jail with bail set at $100,000, and is charged with second-degree rape and assault.

King County Sheriff’s Office reports say that Diaz-Garcia “approached” the girl “and sexually assaulted her. The victim screamed and yelled and the defendant ran off.”

But deputies say he was not done, and “went to a neighboring complex and brutally attacked and raped another young girl.”

The prosecutor’s office says it is “extremely concerned for the defendant’s brazen, bold, and violent behavior towards young women.”

Charges say the attack was quite brutal – the victim was left with a bloody head, missing teeth, and only wearing her tank top. Her right ear was torn and dangling, she had damaged/missing front teeth, numerous cuts on her head, and her upper lip was torn. She was bleeding from multiple head injuries and was unable to talk, and was transported to Harborview.

The prosecutor wants the court to issue a “sexual assault protection order” for the two victims and a no contact order for Diaz-Garcia to have no contact with any minor, said the charges filed on July 18.

Some residents believe Diaz-Garcia is illegally in this country. He was identified as an illegal in a Fox News story, but the King County Sheriff’s Office does not ask under their policy not to inquire about immigration status.

Since he is jailed, agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may take him into custody under a federal warrant, likely only after his local case is completed. He could be deported after any conviction in this or another case.

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

12 replies on “Man jailed, charged with assault, indecent liberties of two Burien teen girls”

  1. You all remember a few days ago when I purely speculated he might be an illegal? How’s the fact he is treating you now? It took an entirely unnecessary step to find out he was because of the Sanctuary policy.

    1. How does this person ethnic background have anything to do with his crime. How does him being part of the dreamer program have anything to do with his crime. How does this even come up in the news. Oh yeah it was a 24hr news report. So it’s something republicans don’t like so they over dramatize the facts to make it sound like something else. While the democrats 24hr news is going try to link trump to buying a BMW with tinted windows. In the end all they do is sell advertisement time and spin spin spin everything into a mess of garbage.

  2. This is the reason that there should be NO SANCUARY CITY’S IN THE US! If it wasn’t for current LIBERAL city council our town would be much safer! Repeal it, it never should have passed in the first place. When are you LIBERALS ever going learn?

    1. M P
      I guess I’m one of those liberals so rather than just ranting, perhaps you can teach me how the Sanctuary City status is even remotely related to this horrible crime.

  3. Legal or illegal he should be neutered and i’d be happy to knock out his teeth and tear off his ear.

  4. I am wondering why the the 19 yearold did not call the police after the first run in with the guy. Then decided to work out alone just the two of them in the room then started working out in front of him after recognizing him. I think she should of told the guy sorry your going to have asked the manger to let you in. I don’t know you or if you actually live here. When she was at the gate with the suspect.

    But most likely she took the butt grabbing as aggressive flirting. Not a assault unfortunately untill it was too late.

  5. Captain Obvious are you seriously blaming the victim? I don’t believe there is a law that says women and children should never go alone to a private locked facility that they pay to access. That they should be held responsible if a sex predator nearly kills them and violently assaults them if they do.

    There is only one person responsible for this heinous crime – the perpetrator.

    1. Terri is right. What could this girl have done to deserve being raped and having her ear ripped off and teeth knocked out by doing a workout?

      Hopefully immigration raids can happen and clean that apartment complex out.

    2. Victim blaming bull sh** Ok so since this women didn’t use simple common sense. Realize this guy grab her butt and ran off before. Why let the guy in the building again. All so why not report the crime to the police so they can find and arrest the idiot. Then he wouldn’t of been out to commit the crime that he been changed for. Then she would of not been raped and the little girl would of not of gotten assaulted. Or at least be a less chance of it happing.

      This is what happens when people are afraid to contact the police because of personal immigration issues.

    3. Also simple common sense if you have a locked gate and some one you don’t know wants in. You tell them to go talk to the owner or manager. Especially if someone you might of had a run in with that sexual assulted you. You don’t let them in the building. That is a sexual predator. This probably why the reason there is a locked gate to keep the crimanls and sexual predators out. Even if the person does in fact live in the building it gives you time to go your apartment or the gym. Get away from the predator and call the police or the mangers office. To explain the situation get the predator arrested or trespassed.

  6. Both of you need to go do some jumping jacks with sharp knifes in your hands while blind folded. Wait common sense tells you not to do that. Kinda like letting a possible sexual predator in a building with a locked gate.

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