Police say that on Wednesday (Jan. 14) afternoon around 2:15 p.m., a male and a female (both adults) assaulted a male and female (both adults), and stole a cell phone from one of them on Ambaum Blvd. SW near SW 124th Street in Burien. A deputy saw the suspects fleeing, and stopped and arrested them. There was a large police turnout, and the intersection was blocked for a while for an investigation. Both suspects were booked for investigation of robbery.]]>

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8 replies on “Man, Woman robbed of cell phone on Ambaum Blvd. SW in Burien Wednesday”

    1. for something that did not happen in rat city or at the transit center and just how would they go about shutting them down . The pick pocketing sounds like it was a crime of opportunity. Keep a eye on your stuff at all times and if you feel the need get a stun gun or pepper spray teach the perp a lesson if enough people teach these idiots a lesson they won’t come here anymore.

      1. If by ‘won’t come here anymore’ do you mean leave Rat City or the Transit Center?
        128th is pretty darn near Rat City.

        1. I meant they will hopefully won’t come to the area to commit crimes anymore if its burien white center sea-tac federal way any-ware. Now is this answer you where looking for are you just trying tobe another dumb anonymous troll on this blog. Amp’d what type name is that anyway and how old are you?

      1. Very few Patrol officers live in this area.. They live far far away..not to mention the tax rate here. Look at the school bonds that are probably going through. But they didn’t mention with the new schools it should have an impact to reduce crime in the area according to the realtor’s..hmmmmm.

  1. I was pickpocketed at the Pho Thai restaurant by Mud Bay and Safeway yesterday (1/14). Thankfully, the staff at the Panda Express on 1st Ave called me to report that they found it in their men’s restroom… seems yesterday was a busy day in Burien for scummy people.

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