A customer drinking coffee at a 7-11 Sunday morning (March 13) shot and killed a man who entered a convenience store in the 11000 block of 8th Ave S. (map below) in Boulevard Park and attacked him and a clerk with a hatchet. Deputies received the call around 5:45 a.m. and responded to the store, located in unincorporated King County. The clerk and customer told police that the suspect entered the store wearing a mask and armed with a hatchet. The suspect did not make any statements but swung the hatchet at the customer and then went behind the counter and attacked the clerk. The customer drew a pistol and shot the suspect. King County Medics responded and attempted to resuscitate the suspect but he was pronounced dead at the scene. The customer, a 60-year old Seattle man, was not injured. He has a valid concealed pistol license. The clerk, a 58-year old Seattle man, received a minor injury to his stomach from the hatchet attack. The suspect, believed to be in his 40s, has not yet been identified. Once completed, the investigation will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review. The King County Medical Examiner will identify the suspect and determine nature and cause of death.


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9 replies on “Masked man with hatchet shot & killed in convenience store Sunday morning”

  1. Thank God there was an armed citizen there exercising his constitutional right to carry a firearm! Would have been a lot worse. Plus one less dirtbag to coddle in the justice system. I’d say justice was served! Let the outrage begin…….

  2. My family and I go there multiple times daily. I’m so happy the clerk who is the sweetest man and the customer are ok. Thank God the customer had his gun or they’d both most likely be dead.

  3. Well dam it’s hard to tell if this was a robbery attempt or a derange person. Possibly a upset customer. I am glad the man with the weapon permit was able to save the day. It can take a lot to be able to stay clear headed in a situation like this and be able pull the trigger and get a clean safe shot.

  4. “Masked man with hatchet shot & killed in convenience store Sunday morning”
    I only have one word for that.

  5. You have got to Love this town…. Well at least the neighbors aren’t on the news saying, ” This kind of thing never happens around here “…
    IMHO, Burien and the area in general is just plain dangerous.. Always has been always will be..
    Our officers are the finest, but could you imagine the clerk trying to pick up the phone and call 9-11.. Wasn’t gonna happen.. People had to act fast. IM glad it was a competent individual to do such.

  6. Sounded like Dirty Harry…Didn’t even have to put his coffee down!!!…Hometown here. Thank You Sir….

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