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The manager of a McDonalds located in Des Moines at 22644 Pacific Highway South ended up stabbing a suspect from a group of five who had beaten and threatened him on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 17.

The manager of the restaurant approached a group of five people who were loitering near the restrooms, and asked them to leave ; they refused. A verbal argument ensued as the group moved towards the lobby area of the restaurant. One of the individuals in the group made threats to shoot and assault the manager but a firearm was not seen. This same individual was verbally abusive towards the manager, spit on him and threw a milkshake on him. The subject also punched the manager in the face.

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2 replies on “McDonald’s Manager stabs member of group that beat, threatened him Sunday”

  1. I applaud the actions of the McDonald’s manager in preventing what may have been a life threatening injury to himself. Thug life is over rated and its time to put these punks away.
    Typically McDonald’s as “corporate image suck ups”. has a bad history of firing managers that stop crime, and I hope this is not the case. McDonald’s does have a problem that it attracts the low life scum like moths to the lights.
    A case in point is Beaumont TX McDonald’s where robberies of customers in the drive thru and assaults of customers leaving were so bad they hired local police. The hired police quit in one week as they were too frightened to defend a McDonald’s. Now I don’t think God sent Hurricane Irma on purpose thru Beaumont TX, but it did a nice job of washing out the street rat life. Maybe Des Moines needs a hurricane too?

    1. Yes I think manger did what needed to be done to protect him self. But the issue is not a corporate image suck up.

      It’s more about insurance costs and the fact the family of the supect or the supect them selves. Will most likely sue McDonald’s stating that supect did nothing wrong and was attack by the employee. That employee should called the police. It’s unfortunate that this happens. In these cases

      Kinda like how the family of the man in burien shot by police after coming at them with what was a supected knife. Now think 20 million dollars is going make there son’s actions that day any different.

      The fact that there Young adult son should of known that not only do you not Chase random people yelling at them. You should definitely stop when a neighbor fires a rifle at you. Or when police officers shoot at you with taser’s. But then again 20 million dollars is going to change that night.

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