1596212_10151898460511129_410828496_o 1596042_10151898460141129_1918194719_o 1606679_10151898460346129_1721769103_o Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer A Metro bus hit and injured a pedestrian at the intersection of SW 156th Street and 4th Ave SW in Burien Friday night around 6:20 p.m. Police say that Metro Route 166, with 5-6 passengers on board, was traveling southbound on 4th Ave SW, making a left turn onto eastbound SW 156th Street when it collided with a pedestrian. “The pedestrian was a 57-year old male from Burien who was dressed in dark clothing,” Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog. “He had apparent injuries including compound fractures and was transported to Harborview; his current condition is unknown.” The Metro driver is a veteran of 34 years and had been driving Route 166 for several months. Metro Supervisors and King County Sheriff’s investigators were both on scene, and the intersection had been closed. It is unknown yet whether the pedestrian had a “WALK” signal. The Metro bus did not have on board video.]]>

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10 replies on “Metro Bus hits, injures Pedestrian in Burien Friday night”

  1. Thinning the “dark clothing at night” herd, one at a time. Much like the bicyclists who wear black and grey just like the road surface they eventually will meet the hard way. Make yourself seen people, my front bumper is hard chromed steel, your not!

    1. People drive with their focus on what will be a threat to themselves. Not with the thought of “What am I a threat TO?” Assigning any blame on someone for their clothing is a confession of profound ignorance as to who bears responsibility.
      The issue is of right-of-way and due diligence- two aspects poorly covered in an article provided for sensational entertainment and not journalistic investigation.

      1. Sean this story is definitely journalistic, as it includes all the incident information given by the police, as well as photos taken at the scene.
        How is that “sensational entertainment”?
        Please enlighten me.
        scott schaefer

  2. Didn’t know there was a whole organized herd of “Dark clothing at night” people. Do I have to fill out paperwork and pay dues? Or can I just throw on jeans, and a coat like most people wear in the winter?

  3. well I was not this bus but I have been on the bus plenty of times and seen the bus drivers drive like moron’s. But I have also seen passengers hop off the bus then walk right in front of the bus with out checking to see if the drivers see’s them or not or crossing the street with out at least making a second of eye contact with the driver of any car your just asking to get hit even if your in the crosswalk

  4. When I drove by on Friday night, it appeared the bus had “TRM COACH” (or something to that effect) on their signage. I always thought that meant it was a driver in training. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. Metro most likely changed it to read something other than the route number being it was now out of service. Metro has dedicated training runs with employee’s on the bus taking turns behind the wheel, I believe this was a regularly scheduled passenger run gone bad.

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