A mysterious UFO/UAP has “landed” in the former homeless encampment site on SW 152nd Street and 6th Ave SW, in the soon-to-be Dog Park.

Locals say this “flying saucer” may actually be a marketing prop for the upcoming Burien UFO/Film Festival, set for Friday, Aug. 4, 2023.

“Aliens have escaped and are loose in the city looking for the Burien neighborhoods champion,” one nearby resident who preferred to stay anonymous told The B-Town Blog. “According to a note left next to the UAP, they say they’re looking for someone who can name all 19 Burien neighborhoods.”

We are not sure what the 19th neighborhood is, but we assume it is Hurstwood, according to the Burien Men in Black who also notified us telepathically early this morning with the following image:

The anonymous resident added:

“Three aliens came out, I ran from my condo across the street at Town Square. It just appeared in a flash this morning. One alien kept saying they are seeking the Burien Neighborhood Champion. The Burien Men in Black (BMB) arrived and found a box left by the aliens. It had an ancient map of Burien. The BMB then took off in a rush, on a tip the aliens were in Seahurst Park.”

What does it all mean? Stay tuned to The B-Town Blog for more about BUFO soon…

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  1. Don’t worry, the City will trespass them and sweep them out of here right away

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