Another (or was it the same one?) Alien UFO landed on Burien ‘s “Flight Path” roof on Monday, July 17, 2023.

Aliens were allegedly spotted also laying down two crop circles before interviewing bystanders.

“The Burien Men-In Black arrived but not in time to capture the outer space graffiti artists,” whispered an unknown source. “The BMB interviewed a local resident who stated the Aliens demanded to be taken to the ‘Burien Neighborhood Champion’ and handed him a map showing all 19 Burien Neighborhoods.”

A structural engineer was on site and bar owners have been given the all clear to remain open.

Apparently the UFO didn’t cause any serious damage.

Some skeptical B-Towners claim this new “flying saucer” landing may actually be a marketing ploy for the upcoming Burien UFO/Film Festival, set for Friday, Aug. 4, 2023, but who are we to judge?

Win $5,000 in the BUFO Film Festival

The deadline to enter the BUFO Film Festival has been extended to July 28, 2023.

YOU could win up to $5,000 dollars by making a 5 to 7 minute short film – and yes, you can even make it on your Smartphone if you want.

Simple rules: 

  • Highlight one of Burien’s 19 neighborhoods in any creative way you can imagine combined with any aspect of the Maury Island Incident. You can even pull from the Burien cult movie called “The Maury Island Incident” (link sent once you enter).
  • You can use any source you can find out of books like “The Coming of the Saucers” by Kenneth Arnold or “Maury Island UFO Incident” by Charlette Lefevre, or anything you can find on the internet about the Maury Island Incident. 
  • Join in the fun and help raise Burien neighborhood awareness. 
  • Deadline for entry into Film Contest has been extended to July 28, 2023 at Midnight.

Click below for more info or to enter:

Event Features and Contest Awards: 

  • All winners will receive a custom made BUFO ’23 Lamp Trophy made from “3D Print This Thing.”
  • Most Convincing MIB $100
  • Extraterrestrial Excellence $100
  • Most Likely to be Abducted (team) $200
  • Out of this World (Kids 0-12) $50 gift certificate from Jungle Gym
  • Galactic Good Dog $50 gift card
  • Crowd Favorite $100

There will also be::

  • Burien Neighborhood UFO Art Exhibit
  • Face Painting 
  • Live Mural Painting
  • Giant UFO Bouncy House for kids and adults 
  • DJ Lucky Strike

Burien Neighborhoods

We can confirm that the 19th Burien neighborhood is Hurstwood, according to the Burien Men in Black, who also notified us telepathically recently with the following image:

Until it’s all redacted, more information may be available here: