By Scott Schaefer Where once you could buy paper clips and business supplies, now you can create a film, TV, VR or other production. Zoo Break Productions is a new production studio facility at the old Staples location in Burien, and is owned/operated by experienced Producers Mischa Jakupcak and legendary game developer/filmmaker Robyn Miller (of “Myst” fame).

Robyn Miller co-founded Cyan, Inc. in the late 1980’s and, after he helped pioneer the concept of early point-and-click computer games, Robyn designed and directed the landmark game Myst and its sequel, Riven. In 2010, he cofounded Zoo Break where Robyn continues to write, compose music, and develop projects for film, television and VR. Mischa Jakupcak is an an award-winning producer, writer and director from Seattle. Since 2005, Mischa has worked on over thirty features in the Northwest, ranging from indies to multimillion dollar features. She has produced numerous films and VR pieces and she continues to seek out original stories and cutting edge technologies to tell good stories.
This new facility is located where Staples used to be (14907 4th Ave SW), so now, instead of going in to buy 20-weight standard multipurpose paper with 145 whiteness, can go in and create compelling content in a real, professional production studio. With 24,000 square feet of space, Zoo Break Stage is now available for film, video game or VR production, and offers:
  • Five minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  • 24,000 square feet
  • Loading dock
  • Free parking
  • Pre-built flats
  • Office space
  • Hi speed internet and WIFI
Here’s a Q&A with co-owner Mischa Jakupcak
Q: When did you open? A: We shot a pilot in the space in October but have just recently officially opened. Q: Why Burien? Why this spot? A: There’s a real dearth of studio space in Seatle for shooting films, commercials and VR projects. From our years in the business, I’m painfully aware of this. It’s not easy to find a space that’s big enough. And when you do find something, it’s usually prohibitively expensive. We came across this space in September and were surprised how perfectly it could be used as a stage for filming. We realized it could be such a wonderful asset for the film community for the film community here in Seattle, Burien and surrounding areas. It’s five minutes from the airport, it has amenities like free parking, a loading dock, and best of all, we’ll be able to provide it for affordable rates. We’re very excited about it. Q: What exactly are you providing? A: The Zoo Break stage is relatively bare bones. We consider that a plus, because we pass a saving onto the client. We’re not the kind of stage that provides a staff, seperate sound stages, or editing rooms. But we do provide some great basics, like flats, high speed internet, free parking, and a ton of space. We’re current looking at strategic partnerships and are working on a large green screen setup and lighting. That’s something that a lot of productions could use. As a production company, Zoo Break produces films, vr and television. We’ve produced a number of films, short films and VR projects in our six year existence. Most recently, we’ve produced a bit of television and are excited about moving more in that direction. Q: What shoots/productions (and/or talent) have used it already? A: A few great projects have been produced there so far — a TV pilot, a film, and we’re currently building and prepping for two other short projects — and we can’t wait to formally announce these projects! There’s no shortage of interest in the space. We’re thrilled that filmmakers are finding creative use for the space. Q: I see that Robyn Miller of Myst fame is a partner – what’s the story behind that? A: Robyn made his first feature several years ago, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone and has produced a number of shorts. He continues to write for film, but we have the hope that this space will be used by video game and VR creatives, for motion capture, photogrammetry, or film work. The whole idea here is to provide an affordable space for projects to be made. Q: How do your rates compare to Seattle-based stages? A: We are competitive. Ideally we will cater to a variety of vr, industrial and creative filmmakers and media makers.
For more info on this great new addition to Burien’s growing arts/film scene, visit Zoo Break is located at 14907 4th Ave SW, just one door south of LA Fitness (in the old Staples location): ]]>

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