BurienFilmOfficeLogo-3 REMINDER: The City of Burien’s new Film Office will be premiering its new monthly Happy Hour next Tuesday, Feb. 2, from 5:30–7 p.m. at the Tin Theater, located at 923 SW 152nd Street. This new monthly networking and presentation event will take place on the first Tuesday of each month, beginning with this premiere event. This is an open and free event, and all filmmakers, film buffs, artists and anyone else who appreciates cinema are invited to meet others, network, learn about local productions in Burien and much more. BURIEN FILM FESTIVAL UPDATE Another reason to attend is to learn more about the 2nd annual Burien Film Festival. GIVE ‘EM A “LIKE”! Be sure to “Like” this new local arts endeavor on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/burienfilmoffice/

GUEST SPEAKERS NEEDED! Guest Speakers are still being sought for these monthly events, and will have 30+ minutes to show clips, short films, stills, etc. of their work, as well as do Q&A with the audience. If you have something film-related that includes Burien, please email editor@b-townblog.com (BTB Publisher Scott Schaefer is helping the city manage these events).
As we first reported, the city created the new Film Office last April, with its mission of “supporting and promoting Burien’s local film industry by connecting filmmakers with information and raising the profile of film in Burien.”
The City’s Film Office aims to raise the profile of film in Burien and throughout our region by providing resources to filmmakers, actors, designers, and writers alike, such as:  information on filming locations around town; streamlined permitting if site locations need to use public-right of way, etc.; connections to funding resources available through programs like Washington State’s Motion Picture Incentive Program; region-wide promotional opportunities and resources; and connections to existing local talent.  The Office can serve as a catalyst for filmmakers to reach out to actors and set-designers, for costume-designers to find screen writers, and so on. For more information, visit the Office’s homepage at www.burienwa.gov/film.
Some of the films made in Burien, around Burien, or by Burienites include:
  • “The Maury Island Incident,” shot at the Tin Room Bar by a local production company during the summer of 2013.
  •  “Your Sister’s Sister,” shot at the Countryside Cafe when it was “Germaine’s Country Kitchen,” and Directed by Lynn Shelton.
  • “Safety Not Guaranteed,” shot at Highline High School and Grocery Outlet on SW 152nd (NOTE: Colin Trevorrow, the Director of this film, has moved onto a new project – with a slightly higher budget – called “Jurassic World”!).
  • The Off Hours,” directed by Megan Griffiths.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Wife, created by Highline School graduate M. Elizabeth Eller.
  • Valley of the Sasquatch,” Directed by Burien resident John Portanova and Photographed by Jeremy Berg.
  • The Day My Parents Became Cool,” shot at Highline High School and Directed/Written by Steve Edmiston.
  • Every Beautiful Thing,” recently shot at the Countryside Cafe.
And the first-ever Burien Film Festival was held last April 1 during the Burien UFO Festival. Ten films were entered (see the winners here). For more information, contact the city’s Economic Development Manager, Dan Trimble, at (206) 248-5528, or email Scott Schaefer at editor@b-townblog.com.
Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com
Photo of production on “The Maury Island Incident” at the Tin Room Bar in 2013 by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

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