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Photos of filming in Burien’s SW 152nd ‘Art Alley’ courtesy Katerina Giannoulas and William Gilmore.

A new “superhero web series” has been filming in Burien – “Divine Shadow” – featuring a teenage girl superhero named Shiphrah. Here’s a synopsis:
A teen girl named Shiphrah suffers at the hands of her father. One day she mysteriously develops superhuman strength while protecting her sister. Quickly she finds herself thrust into an unforgiving system, separated from her sister and feeling trapped and alone. As she tries to deal with her newfound power, she finds herself in the midst of a local conspiracy of corrupt police. It becomes a battle against time as she fights to find her sister and deal out justice to those who deserve it. Imagine the world without love or empathy, compassion or forgiveness. What if this hinged on the existence of a few, a few who hold in the balance what it is to be human?
Filmmakers have been shooting around the SW 152nd ‘Art Alley’ as well as at Seatown Locksmith on SW 153rd Street. “The folks at Seatown were so nice to work with,” Director Greg Sommers-Herivel told The B-Town Blog. “Everyone has been super helpful with our production.” Shooting began over the summer, with cinematographer James Winters on camera. The production has an experienced crew with years of experience, but has also added a support crew of film students. “Our crew is excited to have an opportunity to shoot and teach, helping to groom upcoming filmmakers,” Greg added. Divine Shadow episode 1 is scheduled to be released sometime this Fall. Here’s a video interview with lead actress Rae Trotter: [youtube]https://youtu.be/j-Nxy_570To[/youtube] And more background info:
Writing started in the fall of 2014 when director Greg Sommers-Herivel approached his sensei, Clifton Jackson about the idea. Clif loved the idea of the story, and they both were excited to create a series that would have a strong story, with solid martial arts integrated into it.  After the pilot was written, they approached Lisa Skvarla, having a role in mind for her where she could show off her martial arts prowess.  After hearing about her character’s role in the story, Lisa was all in.  Rae Trotter, having worked with Greg on Look.See.Me., was contacted to audition for the lead, Shiphrah.  It was a perfect fit.  The writing was in full force and casting began. Having a superhero edge combined with the producers and writers being martial artists, the action scenes will have a gritty realistic edge.  The leads are all accomplished martial artists, Lisa Skvarla in Tae Kwon Do, Rae Trotter in Karate, and J.B. Lunon in Kung Fu.
Also, producers are holding a special ‘Parents Night Out’ fundraiser this Friday, Sept. 11:
Dear Parents, Do you need a night out for yourself or with a friend or spouse? Then this event is for you! . I hope you can make it. Your kids will have a blast! Please RSVP and be sure to share with other parents too. Thank you! WHAT: Parents Night Out! WHEN: This Friday September 11th!! WHY: This Parents Night Out will be a fundraiser that supports the local arts in our community. Specifically the money raised from this event will be given to a local web series(Divine Shadow) being filmed in the Seattle area. WHERE: Parents Night Out will be held at Lee’s Martial Arts in West Seattle from 6-10:00. Pizza ,games, movie and popcorn are all included. We may be adding a bake sale too!! :)) WHO: For all the kids!.(Ages 4 & up) This event is open to the community so be sure to tell your friends and family. All are welcome! PRICE: (Asking donation but not limited to.)
  • $30/child
  • $50/2 children
All donations are welcome and for those who generously donate $100 or more it’s tax deductible!! No donation is too big or too small. Remember its going to a great cause! Please call 206-938-3375 to register your spot for this event. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. For those who can’t make the event but would still like to give to the cause please check this out: http://www.gofundme.com/divineshadow

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