The City of Burien is hosting its final Annexation Informational Open House on Thursday, Aug. 6th at Beverly Park Baptist Church (11659 1st Ave South, Seattle), beginning at 6:30pm.

As the city so carefully words it:

“Members of the Burien City Council may be attending a community informational open house held by the City of Burien for the purpose of discussing Annexation on Thursday, August 6, 2009, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Beverly Park Baptist Church, 11659 1st Ave South, Seattle, WA 98168

As with previous open houses, this one is intended to provide information about what annexation will mean for current Burien residents as well as for the people within the proposed annexation area.

The election date for residents of the area to vote yay or nay on being annexed is Tuesday, Aug. 18th.

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2 replies on “Next Annexation Open House Is Thursday, Aug. 6th”

  1. LETS NOT BE FOOLED. Mr. Ufkes is trying an old political trick to make it sound like a lot of people are against the annexation. He mentions two groups he is a “part” of. I would love to see the membership list of his White Center Homeowners Association. I am sure you will find that the members of his association are very few. I know for a fact that the White Center Residents for a Secure Future was just started by Mr. Ufkes because the Public Disclosure Commision just received his application on July 28. I had heard several months ago that when it came down to just before the election, lots of bogus groups will pop up all of a sudden against annexation. Shame on you Mr. Ufkes for trying to fool the voting public. Not only is most of the facts that you use to fight annexation untrue but now you are starting organizations that have a few of your same cronies in them and trying to pass them off as ligitimate. The voters of North Highline are smarter than to fall for your deception. The voters of North Highline, when surveyed, have chosen to go to Burien and they will carry the vote.
    Thank you
    Greg Duff

    1. What? A new group forming? What and who does the group stand for? Does any one know where the group meets or how to get to the group’s meeting’s so we can learn about it?

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