Today (Wednesday, April 1) is Census Day!

Currently, the City of Burien has a higher self-response rate for the Census (41.7%) than the national average, but is trailing in Washington State:

Understandably, the primary concern and focus has been on staying Burien Strong and protecting our community against the impacts of COVID-19, but did you know that ensuring that every single person living in Burien is counted in the 2020 Census is critical for securing federal funding, having equal representation, bolstering emergency preparedness, and providing accurate data for public- and private-sector decision makers? Even having just one person left uncounted could mean our community losing out on thousands in federal funding between now and the next census.

Here are four things you need to know about filling out the 2020 Census:

    1. Your privacy is protected by law. Your answers are 100% confidential and only used to create statistics. They only ask for names to ensure each household member is counted just once.
    2. Responding online is the easiest way and only takes about 10 minutes, but you can also respond via mail or phone.
    3. You will not be asked about financial information, citizenship status, or political views.
    4. Your response is required by law. Census takers will begin visiting homes that have not self-reported by mid-May. If you don’t want a visit, be sure your household self-responds!

If you or someone in your household has not responded yet, or you would like more information, please visit:

If your household has already responded, please help get the word out by sharing on your social media accounts, or sending a quick text or email reminder to friends and family!

Let’s make sure #BurienCounts!

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