United Way is looking for volunteers to help increase participation in the upcoming 2020 census:

Let’s make sure our community is counted.

We all count. We all play a role. And yours, more than ever, is crucial.

It’s you — our community leaders and volunteers — who will make the difference during this year’s census. Your commitment to helping us get a more complete count will shape our community’s future. We’re here, and we all count. Get the resources you need to connect with your community and let’s work together to increase self-reporting turnout for the 2020 Census!

Burien (and other South King County cities) experienced an undercount in the 2010 census.

Census data not only determines how many legislative representatives our state gets, but also how much money our community gets for things like number of teachers in schools, number of bus routes in our city, federal funding for highway projects and other infrastructure needs, the availability of benefits like food stamps and health insurance, the number of nurses and beds in our hospitals, school lunch benefits, and much more.

The City of Burien is working with other South King Cities and community partners to increase participation in the census so that Burien and South King County get a more complete count in the 2020 census. You’ll be seeing a pretty big push in the next two months helping raise awareness about the importance of the census as we lead up to census day on April 1.

You can learn more here: https://wecountkingcounty.org/

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