Dr. Wilbur Chinn, DO, MD, 1924 – 2011

Wilbur Chinn was born March 22, 1924 in Portland, OR and died on Nov. 22, 2011 at his home in Seattle, surrounded by his family.
He attended Broadway High School in Seattle, graduating in 1942. He married the love of his life, Sarah Jean Alkana, in 1948.
He attended Central Washington State College and became a high school teacher.
He taught school in Portland, OR for five years before enrolling in osteopathic school.
He graduated from Des Moines Osteopathic School of Medicine and Surgery in 1958 and worked in solo medical practice from 1959 until he retired in 2009.
Dr. Chinn always lived by the golden rule. He always treated people the way he himself wished to be treated. This was especially true in his medical practice, where he treated his patients the way he would wish to be treated if he were a patient.
Dr. Chinn was a very gentle soul and very kind. As much as he loved to eat fish, it was difficult for him to kill the fish that he caught and he always apologized to them before administering a sharp rap with the fish club.
Dad always looked forward to his trips to Las Vegas. He loved the shows, showgirls and the craps tables.
Dad had a great sense of humor and a large repertoire of jokes. He was always the life of the party, and will be greatly missed, not only by his family, but by his patients as well.
Dr. Chinn truly cared for his patients and was very proud of the fact that he delivered several generations of babies in some families. He kept pictures on his office walls of every baby he delivered, adding new pictures as the babies grew into young adults. One of his greatest joys was having a reunion dinner with all of the babies that he delivered.
Many of his patients were surprised to find out that he was quite the basketball player in high school and in the Seattle All Chinese League.
Dr. Chinn’s family is very grateful for the wonderful support and help that they received from both Hospice and their many friends during Wilbur’s final days.
Dr. Wilbur Chinn is survived by his wife of 63 ¾ years, Sarah Jean, son Lauren Lee Chinn, DC (Pamela Anne Chinn, RN) and the apple of his eye, his granddaughter, Margeaux Anne Chinn, a fourth year nursing student.
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  1. Excellent DR. and great guy! I believe he was the second doctor to hang up his shingle in Riverton Heights. There over 40 years. I remember that he would come to our house when nessesary. Try to get that nowadays! Godspeed Doc….

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