Germaines will be moving from its location on Ambaum Blvd. SW at the end of December.

by Guy Harper
Ever had the hankerin’ for a hearty breakfast of three eggs, hash browns, toast and coffee on one of these cold winter mornings? Well, guess what? You’re in luck!
Germaine’s Country Kitchen is fixin’ to move from their current spot on Ambaum Blvd. SW to 127 SW 153rd street near the old E B Foote Winery, and will be opening probably late December in a larger, more modern location.
Burien needed a new restaurant on 153rd with the closing of Sal’s Deli and this is just the answer, yes, siree…
But wait! They’ll still be in their current location at 14901 Ambaum SW for a couple more weeks yet…and what could be better right now than having a great breakfast at a Cheer’s type restaurant where after a few visits “everyone knows your name?” They welcome kids, casual attire and there’s always a pleasant greeting as you come in the door…and then you really unwind as you get settled at a table and get started with a hot cup of Joe!
Yes, personal service, really good hot never ending coffee, lots of smiles and really great food is the trademark that Jacki Cote, her daughter, Jennifer Dunagan and the third partner, Vicente Arrendondo have developed over the years. Care to sit at the counter? No prob…and the morning’s free newspaper is waiting for you…now what is better than that? A very friendly server, probably Logan or Julie, will take your order while filling another’s coffee and joking with one of the other usual customers.
Germaine’s is really a barometer of Americana type food and has a marvelous selection from which to choose to suit your taste. You want a pancake? Well, they got one…and it’s about 9 inches in diameter with an egg and your choice of bacon or sausage…getting’ hungry…yeah, me too…in fact, think I’ll go up there tomorrow…how does a little home made country sausage gravy and biscuits sound on these cold winter mornings?! UmmmUmmm…lip smackin’ good! As noted, all ages are served…and in a typical family-like setting. No need asking for jellies for the toast..they’re already on the table – and lots of ‘em.
Jennifer, Vincente and Jackie of Germaine's.

Germaine’s Country Kitchen is dedicated to the memory of Jacki’s grandmother, who came to America in 1919 and became a wonderful and well-known Eastern Washington cook. There are daily specials thru the week, so take a glance at the reader board when entering, or just choose from other selections such as omelets, breakfast sandwiches, scrambles, hot sandwiches, chicken and fish, burgers….but who’s counting! Senior and Junior menus are also listed and priced accordingly.
The proportions are very generous, so come looking for some great vittles to fill you up…and you’ll love these prices too! They also offer concession catering and can assist other tasty outside events as well…just ask.
They’re open at 7:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon on weekdays and then on weekends they open bright and early at 7:00…also there is lots and lots of parking for your wagon. Additionally, rumor has it that there is to be another Germaine’s opening soon in Federal Way!
So, drop by today and get a head start with the Germaine crew and share the family warmth…you might even wonder why on earth you have not been a steady customer in the years gone by…or maybe you have! They will also probably have customers pictures on the wall of their new diggings as they did in the old place so just going into this place is like going into your own grandma’s kitchen! Now what could be better than that! Cheers!
This is where Germaine's is moving to at 127 SW 153rd Street.

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