On the agenda for Monday night’s (Aug. 21, 2023) regular Burien City Council meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. at Burien City Hall: a possible ban on public camping, crime update from Police Chief Ted Boe, Comprehensive Plan, a potential utility tax increase and more.

The biggest item – which is clearly inspired by the city’s issues dealing with homelessness and based on an ordinance in the City of Bellevue – is a public camping ban, which would make “camping” (aka encampments) on public property illegal:

“On July 17, the City Council asked for an anti-camping ordinance based on Bellevue’s ordinance. Ordinance No. 818 is the requested ordinance. In addition to making certain references gender-neutral, Burien has added a delayed effective date to permit outreach and education about the new ordinance.

“A person is guilty of unlawful public camping if that person uses nonresidential public property, as defined in this section, as a temporary or permanent dwelling, lodging, residence, or living accommodation, at any time between sunset and sunrise, except at places set aside and posted for such purposes by the Burien City Manager or designee, or by permit issued by the Burien City Manager or designee.”

The meeting can be viewed in-person at City Hall, on Comcast TV Channel 21, virtually via Zoom here, or live-streamed online here.

Download the full agenda/packet here.

Here are some agenda highlights:


  • a) 2022 Crime in Washington Annual Report: Burien Police Chief Ted Boe
  • b) Update on the Burien 2044 Comprehensive Plan: Susan McLain, Community Development Director, Lisa Grueter, Berk Consulting
  • c) Potential Water and Sewer Utility Tax Increase: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager, Eric Christensen, Finance Director, Matthew Hobson, FCS Group




  • Notice to all participants: Pursuant to RCW 42.17A.555, campaigning for any ballot measure or candidate in City Hall and/or during any portion of the Council Meeting – including the public comment period – is prohibited.


  • A. Introduction and Discussion of the 2024 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG): Colleen Brandt-Schluter, Human Services Manager, Anyah Zupancic, Human Services Coordinator
  • B. Introduction and Discussion of Ordinance No. 818, Unlawful Public Camping: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager, Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney
  • C. City Council Planning Calendar: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager

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