June marks the 16th annual celebration of Orca Action Month in Washington state and seventh annual celebration in Oregon and British Columbia.

Members of the Orca Salmon Alliance (OSA) are hosting events throughout the month to educate the public about the endangered Southern Resident orca community:

Orca Action Month’s 2022 theme “Stream to Sea” highlights the vital connection between Southern Resident orcas, Pacific Northwest salmon species, and the salt and freshwater environments that these species need to survive. We are all connected through the Salish Sea, coastal rivers, and watersheds.

By working together from Central California through British Columbia, covering the whole range that Southern Residents occupy, we can help restore this struggling orca population, dwindling salmon populations, and the places they all call home. Join us for a month of educational, celebratory, and action-oriented events designed to bring our communities together to better understand the threats facing the Southern Resident orcas and their prey resource, while aiming to inspire the community to take the actions necessary to protect them.

Through “Stream to Sea: Celebrating the Orca/Salmon Connection” messaging, activities, and events, organizers hope to celebrate this iconic, world-famous population and bring together tribal members, researchers, orca lovers, and elected officials to inspire action and advocacy efforts to protect this highly endangered population and the salmon they rely on. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved and participate throughout this exciting month.

Join us for a virtual Orca Action Month kick-off event to learn more about the Orca-Salmon Connection.

WHAT: Orca Action Month Kick-Off Event. A virtual event to kick off June as Orca Action Month. This event includes video clips that highlight the orca-salmon connection, and presentations from world-renowned orca and salmon experts.

WHEN: Sunday, June 5, 2022, from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Time

WHERE: Virtual Event at https://fb.me/e/4BJ8CpRjJ

WHO: Alan Budwill will Emcee the event and special guests include: Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Washington State Orca Recovery Coordinator Tara Galuska, Dr. Michael Weiss, Field Biologist with the Center for Whale Research in Friday Harbor; Monika Wieland Shields, Founder and Director of Orca Behavior Institute;  Dr. Deborah Giles, Science and Research Director with Wild Orca; Colleen Weiler, Whale & Dolphin Conservation; Brad Hanson, Wildlife Biologist with NOAA Fisheries.

WHY: Orca Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting whales and people in the Pacific Northwest , started Orca Month in 2007. The goal was to bring together researchers, advocates, and orca lovers everywhere to raise awareness of the threats facing the Southern Resident orcas while providing a community celebration of the orcas of the Salish Sea. Orca Month is now celebrated in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia to engage communities throughout the range of the Southern Residents to learn more and take action for Southern Resident orcas.

INFO: Visit orcamonth.com to learn more and to find events to participate in.

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