If you live in or near Three Tree Point and travel Burien’s scenic, winding road known as Maplewild Ave SW, you’ve probably seen the signs signifying that the road will be closed from 8am to 8pm on Tuesday, Aug. 18th.

Originally, the signs were placed near the top of Maplewild on the north, and on Sylvester/Marine View Drive on the south. They were then moved when residents inquired about the closure and found out the reason (according to the cityfolk):

There is a power pole located on SW 172nd (Three Tree Point) that is going to be replaced.

The power company, in an effort to warn the locals well in advance, has placed signs up on Maplewild and Sylvester that make it seem as though all these roads will be closed rather than just at the Three Tree Point area.

So fear not ye Maplewildians, you’ll probably be able to leave your homes.

However, be ready for delays due to the heavy machinery that will be used to place the new telephone pole, and be happy that this election day is a mail-in ballot.

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