BTB Writer/Humorist Shawn Underwood wasn’t laughing when she discovered the results of a serious accident on Maplewild Ave SW in Burien between 2 – 2:30 a.m. Monday morning, June 30. MaplewildAccident063014 “Ran up to crash and there NO PASSENGERS in one totally crunched car and same in other car,” Shawn told The B-Town Blog. “All windows broken out. Stuff everywhere in road. Music on in car LOUD.” Shawn added that before she ran up to the road from her home, she heard a girl crying and screaming and then people running. “One guy said ‘this way,'” she added. “They ran down the Indian trail or to the beach.” Sgt. DB Gates of the King County Sheriff’s Office added:

“It’s a hit and run, unknown who was driving and since everyone ran from the vehicle we don’t know if there are any injuries, but presumably any injuries weren’t too bad as they were all able to flee.”
The registered owner was contacted and the vehicle was impounded.]]>

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16 replies on “Occupants flee from serious accident on Maplewild SW in Burien Monday morning”

  1. At 2:00-2:30 AM – right after last call at the local overserving watering hole, thanks alot bartender for putting them on the road with such excellent driving skills.

      1. So since you are either related, drinking buddies, were there or maybe even driving why don’t you tell all of us “domb” people what really happened that night?

      2. Can you tell all of us “domb” people what really happened, were you there?

        1. No I was not there but what is it any of your dam concern. All I was saying is why comment a domb comment like u did when u have no idea what the circumstances were. Keep your stupid remarks to your self.

          1. You should offer “concerned” some free spelling lessons, I pointed it out to them that being domb is dumb.

        2. Were you there? presumptuous much? How do you know it was a bartender overserving? How do you know it was a local watering hole? how do you know they were drinking? heck how do you even know if they were 21 years old? And stealing a car certainly doesn’t mean that they were under the influence. Granted all of these things are possible but to blame the local bartender is ignorant at best.

      1. If the vehicle was stolen, I would think the likelihood that the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs would be distinct possibility.
        Did they catch anyone?

    1. Thank you bartender? Thank you rich parents at three tree. They obviously they live there. The police are bought and paid for down there. They arent going to run the plates and meet them at home like the under paid state patrol will. Who do you think employs them for their big 4th bash every year. Burien police.. worthless…

  2. Why are we assuming it was stolen? Why would they stick around that means jail or no fake insurance claim and no new car. Surely it must have been one of those low life’s outside our glorious community. No one in three tree drinks or does drugs?

  3. I know this happened a long time ago but I do want to comment because people on this blog have such stupid remarks and never know the full story. This was me and friends. None of us were under the influence the car was most definitely not stolen. But my friend did take her moms car without any permission. No we were not low life’s. It was my 15th birthday and we just wanted to go for a joy ride, my friend just lost control and it flipped. Since we were so young we got scared because we all snuck out of our houses so we didn’t want the cops to know and take up home. Also to add on, my friend went back to the scene and went home with her mom who’s car it belonged to.

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