Maureen Hoffmann from WABI Burien shared these photos, of which she says:

“Yesterday I caught the crew painting the bike icons on the pavement. Another marked bike route in Burien! There are also “sharrows” between 21st and the top of Maplewild where the road is too narrow for a separate lane. Sharrows remind motorists to share the road. The route on SW 152nd from 10th Ave. SW to Seahurst is a well-traveled east/west route. Both cyclists and motorists still need to be alert to one another. The bike markings should be good reminders.”

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9 replies on “PHOTOS: Bike Lanes painted on newly-refinished SW 152nd Street”

  1. The speed limit is routinely broken on this street and now with the new black top I expect speeding will increase. What they need is a semi-permanent radar trap. Now that would slow drivers down plus it would generate significant revenue for the city.

  2. I thank the city of Burien for getting it right this time. The bike lanes are clearly marked and wide enough for safety.
    The major north south routes through Burien – Ambaum Blvd. north of 150th street, First Avenue North of 160th Street and all of Fourth Avenue SW are totally bicycle unfriendly – probably in the death trap category. Des Moines Way has some cycle friendly stretches – few and far between tho.
    I ask that the planners who did 152nd Street now take a look at the north south problem .

  3. I am glad they painted them correctly this time.
    When pedestrian symbols were painted on 21st Ave SW a few years ago, they encouraged walkers and runners to go WITH traffic instead of against. I called Burien Public Works at the time, and their excuse was, “We didn’t do it; we hired King County to paint those.” They declined to “remind” King County about RCW 46.61.250.

  4. Maybe it’s time to license bicycles and their operators to help generate some revenue for these bicycle specific projects. I think it’s fair they pay their share.

    1. TbC, I am a Bike Commuter and I will gladly license my bike when you actually start paying full price to use your car. The cost of roads does not all come from license fees and gas tax. In fact you only pay about 50 percent of those costs. The rest comes out of the other taxes levied on all residents whether you drive or not. Let’s talk the taxes we pay to subsidize the big oil companies to produce oil and gas. The United States gives out around 10 to 52 billion dollars annually to produce fuel. This is to companies that are making huge profits. There are estimates that you should actually be paying about 15 dollars a gallon to fully pay for YOUR SHARE.
      In Copenhagen in 2012 the city says Bike Commuters generated .42 cents for each mile biked savings to the city, so while driving cars is costing our government (pollution, higher health costs, wear and tear on the roads from driving and also pollution(for which car drivers do not pay their fare share) and all the accidents) the city is making money on us bicycle commuters because I still pay the same or more for sales and county taxes for which I am not as much as a drain as you do as a car driver.
      Look at all the accidents also you really think it is cost effective with all those crashes through barriers, cars slamming into each other. Did you know in 2012 there were 33,561 deaths by car accidents! The whole total death rate for the Vietnam War was 58,300! That was for the whole war, the 33k was just one year of car accidents. I think what needs to be done is we should mandate that people who drive cars should have to go for their license every 5 years then we can use the revenue to pay for the roads you fail to cover for in the first place and also maybe accidents will be less of an occurrence. So careful what you ask for because bicyclist are not draining city budgets people who drive are.

      1. I’ve seen statistics that work for both sides of this issue. Pick the ones you like. I do believe that bicyclists should be licensed and pay a use tax (bike tabs?) They should be required to pass a qualification/safety just just like auto drivers. That might even save a few lives. I’ll go in every five years if you will. Deal?

        1. Thanks for you feedback. I will tell you what, have the gas prices rise to 10 to 15 dollars a gallon to pay for the real cost of fuel and to pay for projects like the 520 project or the tunnel. And then set a plan to finish painting all the roads with bike lanes especially the ones that just end. Then show me the plan to make sure those lanes are swept constantly from trees and hmm broken beer bottles that are obviously thrown from cars (I thought it was illegal to drink and drive) and I will pay the 10 dollar license fee. But this doesn’t matter as common sense prevails and even governments realize that levying a fee on bicycles is a step in the wrong direction when more people should be getting out and biking instead of the huge road congestion we have now.

          1. “people should be getting out and biking instead of the huge road congestion we have now.” You may be right but bicyclists need and should be educated on the laws and safety. I take a knowlege and skill test to legally ride my motorcycle but still have to take on more personal responsibility to keep myself safe. Just because I’m doing my part to reduce carbon and use less fossil fuel doesn’t mean I’m able to ride wherever I want to without disregard for my fellow riders/drivers. I think it would be wise to do the same for bicyclists. I pay the same taxes as a car and feel I do less damage to infrastructure. Doesn’t bother me. Why not do your part? Take the test, buy the tabs. Common sense says cars will never go away. Share the road…share the costs. Become better/safer riders.

  5. John and Eaton:
    Thank you for your thoughtful exchange of letters. You are both right. Perhaps a dedicated licensing fee for bikes would be in order as well as mandatory cycling safety training. In fact the Cascade Bicycle Club now conducts urban riding safety classes – look on their web site.
    And as far as drivers paying their fair share – how very true. This is an example of corporate welfare at its’ worst.
    And thank you both again for using your real names. Sniping from behind a veil of anonymity is unbecoming.

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