dog-park Mike and Debbi Rovech, along with their chocolate Labrador, Toby are looking forward to an off-leash dog area as they lounge on the grass at Lakeview Park. They live across the street from the future dog-park. Photo by Jerry Gay.[/caption] B-Town Dog members have organized a campaign on a popular crowdfunding site in a final push to raise the needed $4,000 for an off-leash dog park in Burien. Donors may simply go to to help fund the off-leash park. The campaign received $610 within the first two hours of its launch on Nov. 11. In the past two years, B-Town Dog, a non-profit Burien group led by Kellie Bassen and Rob Johnson, has raised $6,000 through bake sales and other fundraising activities. Council members set a goal of $10,000 as the portion to be raised by the public. The GoFundMe web campaign is just one of the ways B-Town Dog is trying to raise the final $4,000. On Saturday, Nov. 22 at 11 a.m. the group is sponsoring a Pet Stocking party at Town Square Fabrics and Yarn, 445 S.W. 152nd. St. For $5, participants receive a red sock, decoration materials, glue and all the trimmings to make a Christmas stocking for a favorite pet. All proceeds go to help fund the off-leash park At the same time, the group will be holding a pet food drive to benefit the cats and dogs at Burien CARES animal shelter. Also for the holiday-giving season, the B-Town Dog Shop is open at the group’s website, with t-shirts, sweatshirts, key chains and more featuring the B-Town Dog logo. Proceeds go for the off-leash dog park. For more information visit the B-Town Dog Facebook page or The Burien City Council has already picked Lakeview Park near Highline Medical Center as the off-leash site. The 1.5-acre park at 422 SW 160th Street will have separate areas for small and large dogs. The fenced area will be in the upper portion of the park where a former elementary school was located. The lower park will remain as is with a walking track, sports court and picnic tables. The Burien Parks Department has already drawn up a conceptual site plan. Currently, there are no off-leash dog parks in Burien, Normandy Park and Des Moines. The closest are Grandview in east SeaTac and Westcrest in north White Center.]]>

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15 replies on “B-Town Dog group trying to raise $4,000 for off-leash Dog Park in Burien”

  1. As someone who finds dogs obnoxious, and disgusting, I think this is a great idea. The more dogs in the dog park, the less dogs in other parks.

    1. Tell me Wanker, what do you find obnoxious and disgusting about an animal that brings comfort to people sick and dying, brings companionship to those alone or old,
      protects those that cant protect themselves etc?

      1. Homelessbychoice – There are a lot of reasons they annoy me, and for that reason, I don’t spend time around them, and I will never own one. I was simply stating that this dog park is a great solution for people who want to take their dog to a dog park as well as non-dog lovers. I think dogs are great for those who love them, and yes there are therapeutic and security benefits, they are just not for me.

    1. Most of the homeless people in Burien have a choice as to where they want to go and do.
      Most of, (but I know not all) are capable of working and getting out of their current situations, but chose not to. Thats their problem, dont make it mine.

    2. “Funny, we spend more effort and time on Dogs than on our homeless in Burien.”
      And as well we should. God helps those who helps themselves.
      Maybe ignoring them and not giving them handouts at every corner will encourage at least some of them to feel responsible for their own lives and do something to change and better themselves.

  2. I applaud their effort and hope they can get it done despite what the two communist above say. Dog parks offer a great place to exercise your hound and let them be dogs.

    1. Yes because insulting people because they have different opinions makes you an expert on the hierarchy of life.

  3. great idea but it should be at north seatac park its such a waste of beautiful woody area baseball fields that are never used except during the season

  4. can we make a free range homeless park to keep the multitudes of burien ‘homeless’ in a controlled area where they cant break into peoples garages to buy their next fix of coccaine?

  5. I’m for anything that will keep people from using the schools as their off leash areas. Nothing worse than having a child step or fall in a big pile!

  6. I have a couple of addresses of where the parks department can dump the truck loads of dog poop if they need them. (insert evil laughter here)

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