Dozens of Volunteers worked at Lakeview Park (on SW 160th) to help prepare a space for Burien’s new Off-Leash Dog Park on Thursday morning, Nov. 5. “While I was there working we were removing the brush from the chain link fence, cleaning up little debris and trash, spreading topsoil, building benches and timber stairs,” Andrea Reay, Executive Director of Discover Burien told The B-Town Blog. “It was a wonderful event and great to see so many people from the community come out to support the park.” Volunteers were excited to get to work and really start to see the efforts of Kellie Bassen, the B-Town Dog group and everyone else involved in this project from the beginning start to take shape: 12185388_907576962611687_8622070963075518523_o 12189437_907577019278348_5444420628989109041_o 12185112_907577085945008_797155190671869193_o 12185150_907577049278345_6977085374561185413_o 12191288_907576959278354_939420637733546060_o As we’ve previously reported, this new off-leash dog park received $30,000 in corporate donations last June – $20,000 from Beneful, and $10,000 from Burien Chevrolet & Burien Toyota. This follows a $15,000 fundraising effort from the B-Town DOG volunteers, as well as $15,000 in matching funds from the City of Burien, for a grand total of $60,000 raised for the new park. In 2013 Beneful sponsored a “Dream Dog Park” contest, in which B-Town DOG’s Kellie Bassen and her pooch Bailey were one of 14 finalists for a $500,000 prize. Unfortunately, they didn’t win, so this donation was an excellent consolation prize. “It really will be a beautiful new addition to Burien Parks when it’s completed,” Andrea added. “Of course it never would have happened without the support of Burien Toyota, The City, Beneful’s Dream Dog Park project, Kelly and B-Town Dog and all the community support. I always love to see our community come together and activate a public place with so much positive energy and vitality. Best part of my job is seeing us all work together and Making Burien Awesome!” The new Burien Toyota & Chevrolet Off Leash Dog Park – which is slated to open in 2016 – is located at Lakeview Park, at 422 SW 160th Street. Photos courtesy Discover Burien.]]>

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  1. Had to work or I would have been there. Great thing for Burien.
    Good job everybody. Thank you Dean and Mona.

  2. Was a truly great day where we the citizens put aside the recent election and worked together to create something awesome!!!
    P.S. Just a reminder that Lakeview park is still there!!! Down below the Dog Park

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