BTB Reader/Contributor Elston Hill took some great photos at Seahurst Park, of some of our rather colorful, winged neighbors. “My wife Jackie and I love Seahurst Park now that it is open again,” Elston said. “In particular, the sea birds are great. And this morning at 8 a.m., we had the park to ourselves with the cold breeze and wonderful morning light.” Here are some pics he took Thursday morning (Nov. 13), mostly of Barrow Goldeneye (click images to see larger versions): SeahurstBird1 SeahurstBird2 SeahurstBirds2 SeahurstBird5 SeahurstBird6 SeahurstBird7 SeahurstBird8 SeahurstBird9 SeahurstBird10 SeahurstBird12 SeahurstBirds And finally, as many of our Readers may recall, large container ships have recently been seen anchoring behind Blake Island waiting for an opening in Tacoma; here’s a rather artistic telephoto shot of one: ShipfromSeahurst And yes – if you’ve taken some great photos lately and want to share them with our ~80,000 Readers, email high-res .jpegs to [email protected]!]]>

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