BTB Reader David Young sent us the following photos, of which he says:

“It was clear enough this morning to see Mt Si from our home on the south side of Lake Burien!”
Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: IMG_4342IMG_4341 If you’ve taken some great photos lately and want to share them with our ~80,000 Readers, email high-res .jpegs to…thanks!]]>

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2 replies on “PHOTOS: On a clear November day, you can see Mt. Si from Lake Burien”

  1. Cool photo.
    I think that’s Cougar Mountain (12 miles distant) with Skyway (4 mi) In the foreground.
    Mount Si is 28 miles away and would appear more to the southeast.

    1. At first I thought it was Cougar Mountain too. The picture was taken with a point & shoot camera zoomed in on the mountain. Searched and compared pictures of both mountains to figure it out.

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