Courtesy resident Elston Hill comes this amazing photo of what he says is a ‘Burien Vigilante Group driving out an Intruder’ (click image to see larger version): a1H2A7010aa “An Eagle in the Three Tree Point area this afternoon was quickly driven from the area today by a group of twelve crows,” Elston told The B-Town Blog. It’s pretty common to see a “murder” of crows “mobbing” eagles, which they consider predators.]]>

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3 replies on “PHOTO: Burien vigilante group drives out intruder”

  1. The photo I want to see is the crow’s head, or all their heads hanging from the eagles talons. Years ago (1990’s) the State had a no limit kill bounty on crows, bring it back.

  2. Elston, Wow! Thanks for grabbing this very cool shot. Taken literally, it’s beautiful. Taken metaphorically, as a statement on the world today, it’s something else altogether. And QA: I know there’s no point in trying to change your mind, but if you’re open to being surprised, check out Nature’s episode called A Murder of Crows. It has captivated everyone in my family, from 86 years to college, both Ollie North loving Republican military vets and NRA, members to Robert Kennedy loving civil rights March vets to tweeting/texting/yammering millennials and all the rest of us in between. Our respect for crows is about the only thing we can agree on these days. 🙂

    1. Why yes they do serve a purpose such as eating juicy dripping stinking roadkill and infant birds right out of the nest and are of course part of God’s creatures and all, but leave the eagles alone or meet your deserving fate. The bounty I spoke of was because of over population and their destruction of food crops that feed you, I never meant the whole species.

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