Courtesy Elston Hill comes these great wildlife photos taken in Burien on Monday, March 20. Elston says:

“Yesterday it was windy. When it is windy, the raptors arrive. Strangely, a bald eagle and red tailed hawk arrived at the same time. The eagle loved the wind, staying in place for the longest time. Then, just as usually happens when these raptors arrive, the crows attacked. This time it was hawk that became the subject of the crow attack. (It was another dark cloudy day. Lousy for taking pictures. The solution? Convert the pictures to black and white.)”
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2 replies on “PHOTOS: Crows vs Raptors in the wind”

  1. Great photos Elston
    And today a pair of super crows appeared – ravens. Half again as big as crows and with a voice that makes the cawing of crows sound positively melodic.
    And not one ,” Nevermore”.

  2. Elston thank so much for showing us, what is all around us, not only in your wonderful pictures but also with your words. You remind me of the many fantastic things I have seen the birds do over the years. The heart wrenching pleading of the robins for someone to come save their babies from the crows. Or, an owl closely pressed to the trunk of a fir tree while being relentlessly cawed at and badgered by a flurry of crows before finally taking flight with all the crows in parade behind him.
    Or, the parents and two ‘teenage’ Pileated woodpeckers all busy in a close family unit pecking at tree trunks looking so punk-like in their black/white/red mad cap attire with crowning top-knot. Then seeing me, and all erupting in their Woody Woodpecker laughs and flying through the woods at breakneck speed.
    Or, on a very windy day, a young hawk and a crow flying close together again and again going straight up, high, high and then tumbling back down in a no holds barred embrace and fight before breaking and going back up and doing it all again, over and over. What I at first thought was a fight, I later decided was play.
    And the many funny times watching crows!! They can be such villains but also such marvels in other things that they do and in their shenanigans.

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