Courtesy Mike O’Kelley comes these great photos of some local turtles he saw at Arbor Lake:

“During our morning dog walks, Marie and I will often spot turtles near the edge of Arbor Lake,” O’Kelley said. “Typically they’ll scramble into the water if we approach near enough for a photo. They are quite cautious. Most often they can be seen sunning themselves on a rock or log. Several times recently we have noticed the females some distance from shore, digging nests to lay their eggs. We try not to stress them. Lighting was pretty nice this morning and I couldn’t help myself.

“These are painted turtles (Chrysemys Picta) and breed during spring through early summer.”

Click arrows to view O’Kelley’s slideshow:

The group photo shows at least four of them in one of their favorite afternoon spots, near the southeast end of the lake.

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Photo Friday” is an occasional post we publish that showcases photos from reader, and we’re always looking for more great local pics to feature! If you have a great one (or more) you’d like us to share, please email a medium/high-res image to [email protected] and try to include what you shot it with, technical settings you used, as well as subject, location or other details. Thanks!

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