Eagle Landing Park neighbor John White points to the current state of the bottom portion of the stairs at Eagle Landing Park on Saturday, Dec. 27, 2014.

Residents who use the stairs at Burien’s Eagle Landing Park – popular for exercise and beach access – may want to seriously heed the city’s recent closure, as the bottom portion of the structure is precariously close to totally failing, as of Saturday, Dec. 27, 2014.

On Dec. 12, the City of Burien announced that it had closed the entire stairway at the park, due to a “significant erosion event.”

The photo above shows that the erosion has been continuing, and is at a more significant stage than when the park was closed by the city.

But as we previously reported, some neighbors say that the cause is more likely due to erosion from stormwater runoff that starts above the stairs near the parking lot, then seeps down through the hill.

The city claims the erosion is from “wave action” from recent storms.

Here’s a note from park neighbor John White:

The second to the bottom pier has tilted so far to the sea it has broken away from the steel stairs leaving an entire section dangerously dangling in the wind. The Parks Department bolted a piece of plywood to block people from walking down the stairs but many just jump right around it and continue down to the beach. The steel stair section has now snapped away from the second to the last concrete pier and is hanging from a few bolts – anyone not realizing this is in serious danger of they walk out onto the unsupported stair section – the tiny bolts holding that section in place could fail at any time. Anyone stepping on that section is risking serious injury.

We can thank a 100-year-old wooden retaining wall for not washing out the entire lower section but there is so much damage now it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. It can be saved. We do not need to just sit and watch this great venue wash into the sea.

I try to hold back from saying anything negative but this did not need to happen. There was ample warning. Now we need to kick into gear and take action to get these stairs repaired.

If you want to help please email [email protected].

White’s previous photos show the change in the stairs from Feb. 28, 2013 to Dec. 9, 2014.

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