If you attend tonight’s Burien City Council meeting in-person, you could get a free drink afterwards

The Eagle Landing Coalition will buy a drink for all who come in-person to Monday night’s (Feb. 13, 2023) Burien City Council meeting, whether or not you support their campaign […]

LETTER: Resident will give brief tour of Eagle Landing Stairs this Sunday, Jan. 28

LETTER: ‘Saving the Eagle Landing Park stairs, saving the city of Burien $750,000 and generating future revenue’

City of Burien issues SEPA application, will spend over $721,000 to remove troubled Eagle Landing Park stairs

PHOTO: Large tree falls on closed Eagle Landing Park stairs

Eagle Scout candidate Noah Feinberg replaces stairs at Burien’s Southern Heights Park

Landslide hits Eagle Landing Park Saturday; beloved stairs pose major danger

Eagle Scout Ryan Shelver leads volunteers to build stairs/seat at Camp Schoenwald

While Eagle Landing Park stairs may look open again, the city says they’re not

Eagle Scout Riess Magee is building steps on eroded trail at Chelsea Park

VIDEO: City of Burien recommends removing Eagle Landing Park stairs

City's second Eagle Landing Park community meeting will be Thurs., July 19

VIDEO: City of Burien holds Community Meeting on Eagle Landing Park

Resident will unveil proposal to retrofit Eagle Landing Stairs at meeting tonight

Part of Eagle Landing Park stairs – closed since Dec. 2014 – may be re-opened

Barge used to remove lower section of stairs at Eagle Landing Park Monday

FOLLOWUP: Eagle Landing lower stairs to be removed, stair area kept closed

FOLLOWUP: Eagle Landing Park stairway may never open again

City of Burien on Eagle Landing Park: 'unlikely that the stairs will reopen soon'

PHOTO: The bottom portion of the stairs at Eagle Landing Park is toast

PHOTO: The bottom portion of the stairs at Eagle Landing Park is toast

City closes entire stairway at Eagle Landing Park due to erosion

With work complete on lower stairs, Eagle Landing Park beach access re-opens

Feet First's 2nd annual 'Stairway Walks Day' Feb. 8 to include Eagle Landing Park