Resident Elston Hill recently took some out of town guests on a tour of the Indian Trail in Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood, and he brought along his camera.
“I was amused a few months ago when a couple advertised for a house near Three Tree Point on the B-Town Blog. They specified no trams or cable cars,” Elston said. “Yes, there are cable cars and steep trams down the slope to houses on the Indian Trail. And mostly very steep trails for those houses with no driveway access from Maplewild. If you want to do the Indian Trail, Google ‘Indian Trail Burien’ for a map. Do access, the trail which follows a utility easement, from the legal access points. Respect the privacy of the people who live down there. All attached pictures were taken from the trail and not on private property.”
Click images to see larger versions/slideshow:
aIndian T_0048
aIndian T_0006
aIndian T_0008
aIndian T_0009--tram in use
aIndian T_0004 cable car
aIndian T_0005--tram not in working condition
aIndian T_0002
aIndian T_0001
aIndian T_0059
aIndian T_0003
aIndian T_0030
aIndian T_0036
Alston adds:

There is a story on the internet of one gentleman who lived on the Indian Trail in the seventies. He said that he stopped at the grocery store every evening to avoid extra trips to his house from the car.
Some of the houses along the trail are repossessions. Behind one of these houses are two abandoned vehicles with my wife Jackline and her niece, Mechelle, who is visiting from Pennsylvania. They have been sitting there like this for more than two years. I love taking our out of town visitors to this trail. My understanding is that in the 1950s these were summer cabins along the water and people came to them from Seattle by boat.


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  1. Great Public access point on 163 RD PL. NO PARKING but a great place to fish or crab. Indian Trail can be taken all the way to the Three Tree Point.

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