EDITOR’S NOTE: Cass Huff is a 13-year old special needs student at Burien’s Sylvester Middle School. She is also our newest columnist… by Cass Huff Hey B-Town Readers! Jeez! I feel like I haven’t written in a long time (even though it’s been a couple of weeks) J I’ve had quite a busy schedule these past few weeks. Let me tell you what I’ve been doing, the first day of summer (sometime in late June) my cousins from Texas came to town! We had a blast playing in the backyard, all of us kids sleeping downstairs and talking until late at night, and even going down to Ocean Shores! They stayed for about a week. Then, the day they left I left to go to Camp Korey. I think I’ve talked about Camp Korey before, but maybe I haven’t. Oh well, I’m going to tell you guys anyways! Camp Korey is a camp for kids with special needs. It lasts from late June until mid-August. Each week is for different kids with different disabilities. I qualify for several weeks but they will only let me go to two. I go for dermatology week and skeletal dysplasia week. But there are many others, like craniofacial, metabolic bone, general (normally two sessions mixed together), and a lot more. The founder Tim Rose started Camp Korey in 2005 when his son Korey lost his fight with cancer. So he had an idea to start a camp for kids who have differences. But he wanted them to forget about what they had going on and just focus on being a kid. I will talk a lot more about Camp Korey in my next blog. So keep your eyes peeled. Anyways, after Camp Korey I was home for a couple of weeks. Then I went to Camp Korey again for Skeletal Dysplasia week. After that, I came home briefly for a day and a half. Unpacked, washed everything, repacked, and then left for a camp called Camp Casey. Camp Casey is out on Whidbey Island and it is a camp for kids with physical disabilities. It is just one week out of the summer and instead of it being five days (like Camp Korey) it goes for six days. They pack as much stuff as they can. No one really pays attention to each other’s differences everyone just looks directly into what’s in your heart and soul. After I got home from Camp Casey, I was home for three days and then I went to my best friend’s house in Wenatchee. (She and I started Camp Korey the same year five years ago.) It was a blast! Our plan was to go over to Chelan to a house that my best friend’s aunt and uncle rented. But there was a lot of fires over there. So sadly we couldn’t go. But we still had fun. And it was the most relaxing and care free week I’ve had this summer! But, all of the smoke from the Chelan fires settled in the valley that they live in. And since most of us had lung problems we couldn’t spend much time outside. But that didn’t stop us! Thanks so much for reading! I have a new blog coming out! And if you want to stay up to date with everything that I’m doing you can check out my YouTube channel by going to this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq8HBp7LJuBQmcgBTWfKoVA I’ll see y’all next time! Over and out! – Cass]]>

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