Early on the morning of the 4th of July, you may have noticed dozens of bicycles whizzing through the streets of downtown Burien, as part of the 2014 Joe Matava Criterium race. One biker named Timothy Culbertson shot this point-of-view video from his bike, showing just how fast (and close) these bikers race: [youtube]http://youtu.be/H3VZIy5NQx4[/youtube] Photographer Michael Brunk not only watched them – he photographed them; check out his photo gallery below: [gallery link="file" ids="75141,75142,75143,75144,75145,75146,75147,75148,75149,75150,75151,75152,75153,75154,75155,75156,75157,75158,75159,75160,75161,75162,75163,75164,75165,75166,75167,75168,75169,75170,75171"]]]>

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