Resident Elston Hill (along with his wife Jackline) spent Tuesday morning (July 28) on the tarmac at Boeing Field, where they captured some great photos of the fundraiser Plane Pull competition between Russell Wilson and Joel McHale. These two Seattle celebrities went head-to-head to raise money to end childhood cancer. It was Alaska Airlines Chief Football Officer (and Seahawks quarterback) Russell Wilson vs Joel McHale, star of Yahoo!’s Community and E!’s The Soup, who served as captains of two teams competing to see which could best pull a 92,000-pound Alaska Airlines 737-800 25 feet in the shortest amount of time. The main goal of this event was to build national awareness and raise money for Strong Against Cancer, a multi-year initiative dedicated to ending childhood cancer. Funds raised go directly to research in immunotherapy treatments developed by the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. In clinical trials, this breakthrough treatment has had a 91 percent success rate. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: aalaskaplanepull_0001 aalaskaplanepull_0002 aalaskaplanepull_0471 aalaskaplanepull_0004 aalaskaplanepull_0006 aalaskaplanepull_0010 aalaskaplanepull_0016 aalaskaplanepull_0019 aalaskaplanepull_0020 aalaskaplanepull_0018 aalaskaplanepull_0017 aalaskaplanepull_0009 aalaskaplanepull_0015 aalaskaplanepull_0014 aalaskaplanepull_0013 aalaskaplanepull_0012 aalaskaplanepull_0041   ‘Strong Against Cancer’ is a nationwide initiative inspired by the immunotherapy discoveries at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. This initiative is a team effort on the part of hospitals, researchers, doctors, nurses, corporations, organizations and individuals. The captain of the team is Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, who learned about immunotherapy during his regular visits to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Clinical trials for this therapy are now underway and are producing exceptional results in eliminating childhood leukemia. The aim of the Strong Against Cancer team is to create a national philanthropic initiative with worldwide implications for curing childhood cancers through these immunotherapy treatments. For more information or to make a donation, visit]]>

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