UPDATE Dec. 5, 2016 3 p.m.: Courtesy Rory Maliuna Keahi Jaramillo-King comes this video of a school bus sliding off the road as it tried to descend S. 140th in Burien during Monday morning’s snow (WARNING: there is some strong language used): [fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/RoryJKing808/videos/10207078166744159/” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″] The bus apparently couldn’t quite make it down the hill of S. 140th near 8th Ave S. (map below) in Monday morning’s snow, and ended up sliding off the road as seen in these photos courtesy Brittany Shelton from Advertiser Sit ’N Stay Pet Sitting: busoffroad120516 schoolbusoffroad2 Brittany said that the bus was “from Shorewood…and two others from Cedarhurst are also stuck. Everyone is safe.” Here are some other snow-related photos and Tweets:

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5 replies on “PHOTOS/VIDEO: School bus slides off road in Burien during Monday's snow”

  1. A favorite sledding hill of my youth! We had some heavy snow years in the early 1950’s. Back when the sound of cars trying to make it up this hill with chains, was the red alert for us kids that they would soon block it off and we could go sledding and skiing!!! You could start up on 8th Ave and make the thrilling turn on to 140th …or not, if you were thrown off. I can still smell the hot coffee with cream and sugar we were allowed to have on these days while we were waxing the runners of our sleds..Young and old could be found bundled up from head to toe, throwing snowballs and in general good spirits with voices carrying on the cold quiet of these memorable times. Perhaps it why I still love to see it snow.

  2. Snake hill, need I say more. More than a share of injuries on this hill, guard rail at one sharp corner….

  3. I wonder if the superintendent wrote this tweet before or after the video of the school bus sliding down 8th Ave! An hour late start to school might have been a better decision.
    Susan Enfield @SuptEnfield
    It’s a winter wonderland-like start to the week in @HighlineSchools. Buses & schools starting on time. Travel safely.

  4. Geez I thought I was listening to the TV program “Street Outlaws” but then there wasn’t any bleeps where the swear words were at! LOL!
    Good job guys for stopping and helping too!

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