WABI Burien’s Maureen Hoffmann sent us this pic, showing the new crane over downtown Burien – including Eric Dickman and Maggie Larrick of Burien Actors Theatre – at the Farmers Market on Thursday: Burien Farmer's Market LO The crane is being used to build the new Pillar Properties apartment complex at Burien Town Square, and like other construction sites its height indicates how tall the new buildings will be. Here are more photos of it, as taken by Scott Schaefer (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): P1100841-b P1110166-b P1110159-b P1110123-b For more info about this new construction, read our previous coverage here.]]>

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3 replies on “PHOTOS: There's a new crane hanging out over downtown Burien”

  1. I am sure the people who own the Condos they purchased in a nice open space are thrilled a tall Apartment Complex will be blocking their views. I think I would be a tad upset…

    1. Except that this was the plan all along. Town Square was intended to be a five-phase development, except that the recession halted the other phases. Now they are being built. Those living in the condos knew all along that the other two mid-rises would eventually be built.

  2. Risley thank you for your concern but homeowners at the condos have no issues with lost views. We knew this would happen and quite frankly welcome it. Those facing north have ugly view of the 1950’s Post Office, the White Center Police dispatch outpost and the unattractive unoccupied Staples building. The Legacy Apartments are attractive upscale with nice plazas etc as will be Merrill Gardens. A win win for .burien with over 400 new housing units total at Burien Townsquare.

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