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Photos & Video by Scott SchaeferDemolition began Wednesday morning (Nov. 19) on the “old” Burien City Hall building located on the corner of SW 150th and 4th Ave SW, as a large, seemingly hungry excavator clawed, bit and ate away at the structure. Built in 1982, this structure housed a Rainier Bank prior to serving as City Hall. After the building is demolished and the site excavated, temporary shoring will be installed, along with foundation supports for the new $90-million Merrill Gardens Apartments, which will begin construction soon. These new apartments will include 228 units of market-rate housing and 126 senior apartments. Here are some renderings of the future construction: BurienTownSquarePhase2-4BurienTownSquarePhase2-3 “It was a bittersweet moment for some city employees who worked there and still refer to it as Old City Hall,” read a post on the city’s Facebook page. Scott Schaefer took some photos of the dinosaur-like demolition, which will surely excite all 10-year old boys, no matter what our “real age” is (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): P1030740P1030752P1030711P1030727P1030714P1030732]]>

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6 replies on “PHOTOS/VIDEO: Demolition begins on old Burien City Hall”

  1. So much for trying to be a Green City and reclaiming any of that structure.
    It’s ok, it was probably toxic, as the people that hang at the New City Hall would go over there & smoke out of crushed cans…
    Can’t wait for the close to 400 families to move in..

    1. Some of them now live in a doorway on the SW side/end of Vince’s Italian Restaurant on 153rd. Pretty much would consider that trespassing, much like any other private property they have no right to squat, in more ways than one.

  2. Finally! I for one am very excited – hopefully this will bring more folks and we can get more businesses to fill in the vacant commercial spaces.

  3. This will be a Merrill Gardens retirement complex which will bring many new seniors in to our area to live, shop and enjoy Burien. #BelieveinBurien

    1. The seniors will be on a fixed income and will shop at Discount Groceries and the Dollar Store. Then they’ll be robbed of their Social Security checks by the tenants that live in the “affordable living for young professionals” tower next door.

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