Sixty or so brave souls started the New Year with a daring Polar Bear Plunge into Puget Sound off the beach of Burien’s Three Tree Point at Noon on Wednesday, Jan. 1. A new champ was crowned – Joey “Hollywood” Hodson, of Burien, who dressed up as an exuberant Lucha Libre. Here are two videos of the event as shot by Scott Schaefer: [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Below are photos by BTB’s Michael Brunk: And here are photos courtesy of Jana Kleitsch, who covered the view from the water via kayak: polarbear2014-3 polarbear2014-38 polarbear2014-15 polarbear2014-47 polarbear2014-94 polarbear2014-92 polarbear2014-88 polarbear2014-84 polarbear2014-80 polarbear2014-96 polarbear2014-78 polarbear2014-103 polarbear2014-59 polarbear2014-52 polarbear2014-144 And a few more photos courtesy of Ursula Haigh: haighphoto4 haighphoto3 haighphoto2 haighphoto5]]>

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