Here’s episode #46 of our SoKing News Podcast Weekly Recap, which is sponsored by a generous grant from J-Lab’s Encore Media Entrepreneurs program, supported with funding from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, and the Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation:

Weekly Recap for April 8-10, 2016: Burien man shoots at police, SWAT team; SeaTac Interim City Manager resigns; body found off Vashon; Burien City Council bans junk cars, votes against extending CARES; Jack Mayne Commentary & more…
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One reply on “PODCAST: Burien man shoots at police, SWAT; Jack Mayne Commentary, more”

  1. After years of peanut butter and jelly, apple butter and bread, when I finally experienced public school’s unimagined riches of lunches for a year, it was heavenly. Ah, but that was ohhh so many years ago in another time and another life. They should be glad for what they have.
    Now things are different, we wouldn’t want to go back, so I do agree variety and nutrition are essential, for everyone. I applaud these young people for speaking up. Thanks for the video, it was so refreshing and Jack’s comments were right on!

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