On Friday night (Nov. 11) around 10:30 p.m., a woman driving in Burien flagged a deputy down and said a man had pointed a gun at her. The woman told the deputy she was driving westbound on SW 148th Street when a truck turned in front of her. She honked her horn to alert the driver and to prevent a collision. The driver then pulled behind her and started to follow her. She pulled into a residence and the truck pulled up to her passenger side and the driver pointed a gun at her. The woman told police she begged not to be shot and then the truck and driver sped off. The suspect truck description was broadcast on the radio, and a nearby deputy spotted and stopped it near SW 144th and 16th Ave SW in the Seahurst neighborhood (map below). The driver (the only occupant) was subsequently arrested for DUI and Investigation of Assault. The suspect is a 35-year old Covington man. Local Photographer Aaron Wells happened upon the scene, and he shared these photos with us: dsc00233-01 dsc00243-01 ]]>

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7 replies on “Police arrest male driver for pointing gun at woman in Burien Friday night”

  1. “She honked her horn to alert the driver and to prevent a collision.”
    I doubt that honk was to prevent a collision. He had already turned in front of her. I’m not saying honking wasn’t justified. There is just too much road rage to risk things like this happening. The most important thing is that she’s ok and they arrested the d-bag.

  2. … and i expect he has now been freed of all firearms, on a no buy list, etc …
    stripped of all current or future ownership of firearms –
    he as already show he is irresponsible …

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