Courtesy Kathy Reed comes these photos of a young buck spotted on 10th Ave SW just south of SW 152nd Street in Burien Tuesday morning: kathyreeddeer1 kathyreeddeer3 “This deer was walking on 10th SW just now,” Kathy said. “Looked a bit confused. There was a car coming from SW 152nd and he was in the road in front of her car. I just stopped right there across from NAVOS to make sure I didn’t hit him. I waited until he walked past me on my left before I started again to 152nd. There were a few other cars that came up also.” UPDATE 12:49 p.m. NOV. 15, 2016: This may be the same deer (nicknamed “Westley”) that was recently spotted in West Seattle: And before there, Beacon Hill: Perhaps we should rename him? “Burienley”? “B-Townley”? Other ideas…? ]]>

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14 replies on “PHOTOS: 'Confused' deer spotted on 10th Ave SW in Burien Tuesday morning”

  1. Sure would be nice if it could be captured and relocated. We had one in Normandy Park a few years back that was eventually hit and killed on Hgy. 509.

  2. This appears to be the same deer that has been wandering all around West Seattle and has been reported about in length by West Seattle Blog. Affectionately referred to as Westley. The word is to not try and approach him and just leave him alone.

  3. Saw a possum heading westbound crossing 1st Ave S Mon morning. ..Will try and get photos out soon.

  4. This sure looks to be the same deer as the one in West Seattle and the last time anyone posted a sighting of him was on Nov 11th in Lincoln Park, so in 5 days he made it from West Seattle to Burien. He must be taking the beach shoreline and above in the wooded area route you think?

  5. I called Washington State Game yesterday and they do not send agents to capture and relocate animals like this deer. They found in the past that the act of chasing and capturing the animal more stress than just letting it fend for itself. Just leave the animal alone was their guidance. Anyone is welcome to call State Game and ask further questions.

  6. B-Town Blog and Burien residents can you update when there’s sightings of this deer, I’ve been following him on West Seattle Blog and myself I’m amazed at his journey he is taking.
    Like Sushi said he was in Lincoln Park on the 11th and made it to 152nd and 10th SW on the 15th (5 days) how many miles is that?
    Thank you!

  7. A comment on West Seattle blog says the deer was spotted in Des Moines yesterday on 216th. It shows a video of it.

  8. @tophat & marsh…thank you I didn’t see that on the WSB.
    WOW this is amazing, so in 3 days he’s made it from Burien to Des Moines on 216th St. I’d luv to put a Go Pro on him!

  9. We saw him on Tuesday morning as well. He was in Lake Burien School Park and walked down 16th Ave SW, where a little boy ran after him and the deer then headed down 150th on the sidewalk. What a sight!

  10. @Robert T Magnim….did you really see him at Lowes, because if so he’s headed the wrong way to swim across to Vashon Island?

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