BTB Reader Kimberly is seeking the public’s help identifying this thief, who stole a GPS unit from her car Friday morning, Oct. 31 on 22nd Ave SW near SW 152nd Street: [youtube][/youtube] “There were two of them, riding bikes and carrying backpacks,” she said. “Please excuse the creepy hanging Halloween decoration!” If you recognize this person, please contact the Burien Police Department at (206) 296-3333 and reference case number 14-293133.]]>

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13 replies on “VIDEO: Recognize this thief? He stole a GPS unit from a car on 22nd Ave SW”

  1. over the last few months we had our garage broken into with blower, weedeater stolen. our house is on 21st
    then a GPS as well.
    I think Burien should ask lower-crime rate cities what the secret to success is in minimizing or at least fighting crime.
    Burien is turning into the next white center.

    1. We had a car in our driveway gone thru and stuff taken on Oct 30th and we are on SW149th at 16th ave. If you see a bright turquoise blue connecting cable for an ipod its very unique and was stolen from my car.
      I doubt anyone else in Burien has one except for the thief.

    2. “I think Burien should ask lower-crime rate cities what the secret to success is in minimizing or at least fighting crime.”
      One word,,

  2. Go to the Annex park anytime, or the feedings at the the (Community Center) Annex at 14501 4th Ave. SW Burien, WA 98166
    ( )
    Every Sunday, 3:00-5:00 pm:
    Community Dinner
    New and Gently Used Clothing
    Every Wednesday, 12:00-2:00 pm:
    Hot Lunch
    You’ll most likely find him or someone there that knows him!
    Check with these churches…
    Burien Evangelical Church 500 SW 146th St Burien, Washington
    Phone (206) 244-5300 Email [email protected] Website ??
    Burien Free Methodist Church
    520 S. 150th St. Seattle, WA 98148
    Phone 206-241-0915 Fax 206-241-0916 Email [email protected]
    the evergreen church 17700 1st Ave S, Burien, WA
    (206) 246-6222 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Tuesday – Thursday
    Highline Christian Church
    14859 1st Avenue South Burien, WA 98168
    (206) 243-4333
    Hope Christian Community
    Burien Campus 632 SW 143rd Street Burien, WA 98166 206-244-1399
    John Knox Presbyterian Church
    109 SW Normandy Rd, Seattle WA, 98166
    Taproot Church
    14700 6th Ave SW Burien WA 98166 | 206.878.7433
    Three Three Church
    16261 1st Ave S. Burien, WA 98148 206-246-8803
    Westside Christian Fellowship Patrick T. Foutz
    425 SW 144th Street Burien, WA 98166 (206) 439-9031
    They might know him, They draw these kinds of people here (Burien).
    Or go to this and pass out flyers / pictures of him
    Help Transform Burien at November B-Town Beat on Thursday, Nov. 6
    Property Crimes Up
    Also check out
    I say it’s really time to transform Burien!!!!!!
    What can we do????? HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    City issues statement about homeless problem in Burien’s Annex Park
    Burien Police arrest man with warrant at Annex Park, find drugs, stolen mail
    146TH AND 509 a few more living under the Bridge and another camp set up behind the new car rental lot by the off-ramp
    In the woods 160th and 4th Ave SW
    Residents can speak out, share ideas on city’s new ‘Connect Burien’ website
    Burien Council hears citizen concerns about homelessness

  3. How about locking your car door as to make it at least a little harder to steal your stuff, Hello!
    Breaking the glass is an option when something can be seen inside but it also makes noise and brings attention, so lock your doors, hide your stuff and live and learn the hard way.

    1. To “Question Authority”: I always lock my car. I think my 2 year old was playing with my keys and unlocked it that day. This is the second time my car has been broken into in my driveway. Last time they broke a window so at least I saved $300 this time around. Also last time, they left my GPS behind so I figured they must not be a hot commodity anymore and left it in my glovebox. It’s a pain to remember to take it in and out of the house each day. AND I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO.

      1. Sounds like it’s time for a car alarm, you seem to be a thief magnet. Hopefully you don’t leave Bic lighters around to be played with.

    2. Hello!!! Seems as those people feel “put out” that they have to actually do something to prevent them from being a victim of theft. The first two things police would tell you, lock your vehicle and don’t leave any valuables in it.

  4. Wow sounds like some people need to realized that if you leave expensive items out were they can be seen at night or even in a daytime they can and most likely will walk away (crimes of opportunity) . We had some similar things happening in my neighborhood durning the summer but we put some locks on are gates and tool sheds dead bolted are garage turned on are sensor lights and we make sure when are dog barks we go and see who and what it’s barking at and when we see someone that we don’t recognize we keep a eye on them till there out of are view. If it’s needed we call the police but only if see the suspect actully breaking the law not just oh there’s someone walking down the street call 911.

    1. To Jimmy: It’s terrible that you’re in the “well, they asked for it” mindset. Please read my response to “Question Authority’s” comment above and don’t make assumptions. The GPS was the only thing of value in my car because, after a previous car prowling, I didn’t think it was valuable anymore. We have installed cameras, motion lights, and a full home security system. Didn’t stop them.

  5. Using “Question Authority” logic if you are a young women and dress a little sassy then it is expected you should be sexual assaulted? Now I know its hyperbole on my part but also ignorant on QA’s.

    1. Wow! Talk about getting off topic and just buying into the “it’s not my fault” story line. Stuff happens and it seems to happen to “Kim” because they know where the goods are now.

  6. We just had our GPS taken from our car at the English Gardens apartments here on 152nd st. November 9. My brother had his window bashed in a year ago here–they took his ipod. I hate it here.

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